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How was Retribution stolen?

Can anyone offer a plausible explanation as to how Retribution was stolen? Not only stolen but replaced with a fake. By all accounts Retrib…

Started by Antonio

63 Jan 9, 2014
Reply by Dale Churchill

Kylar's father

I can't remember which book it's from, but didn't Durzo say to Kylar "Did you never wonder why you were never given a slave name like Jarl…

Started by TehLotteh

131 Jan 7, 2014
Reply by Santiago Estellano

Vi being an Ursuul.

Hey I don't generally like to post on these things for the fear of repeating people or just being dum, but I haven't found this discussion…

Started by Carl Glyde

5 Oct 18, 2013
Reply by Dale Churchill

Last pages of Beyond The Shadows

Kylar wakes up and looks around to see a picture of him around the Titans neck and he says the picture looks to be centuries old, Vi is sit…

Started by mark allen sailliez II

4 Oct 9, 2013
Reply by Kyle Kelly

Night Angel should not be made into a movie or series

well, the name says it all, i think that no actor can play durzo, kylar, vi, hu or even gnasher, their characters are too much hard to be e…

Started by Adam West

21 Sep 18, 2013
Reply by The Kelvinator

Night Angel contradiction

The Night Angel kills those who have murder in their eyes. Isn't it ironic, then, than both Durzo and Kylar worked as wetboys, killing peop…

Started by Maksim Kakitsev

6 May 10, 2013
Reply by Jacob Smith

Songs that remind you of the many different characters.

For me, it was "Assassin" By John Mayer. It reminds me of the relationship between Kylar and Vi.

Started by J-Blint

13 Jan 29, 2013
Reply by brandon hammon

What was Durzo's blessing to Kylar translated mean

twords the end of "beyond the Shadows Durzo blesses Kylar in another language. What did he say

Started by Trevor Barney

2 Dec 31, 2012
Reply by Maksim Kakitsev

Takeda Rebellion

In beyond the shadows I remember there being a chapter about Solon ending a rebellion that he started. I can't help but wonder, wouldn't th…

Started by Matthew Agnew

4 Dec 9, 2012
Reply by Matthew Agnew

The ending

The part where Jennie is pregnant with 2 kids..... then the part with Vi and Dorian..... Is there or is there not going to be another serie…

Started by Israel Meadows

2 Dec 4, 2012
Reply by Jesse Roberts


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