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3 Logic Errors I've noticed in the Lightbringer Series

I am new to forums, however, my love for the Lightbringer has brought me here. So I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place or doesn't abide to forum etiquette. 

At this point, TBE is the most recent book and as soon as I finish it I find myself on page 1 of TBA. In my nearly obsessive reading of these 3 books I have noticed three errors. One in each book. Since they are spread to each book, there will be spoilers. I recommend that you stop unless you have read the broken eye.

The first error I noticed is on page 199 of TBP in my digital copy. It is the scene where Marissia is updating Gavin on the location of the various members of the spectrum after he returns from Tyrea. She says "Yellow has family visiting and is hiding out in one of the taverns. Black is working on his ledger and swearing at anyone within a league, and Red is likely in the kitchens. So far as I know, the others are in their normal places on Little Jasper."

The error here is that the Red is in the kitchens. Andross Guile had been in isolation for years by this time. Also the reader doesn't know it yet but the Red is a wight. I highly doubt he would risk his life and the future of the Guile family for a javalina sandwich with cheese. The Sub- red Arys is "serially pregnant" so I would guess that she would most likely be present in the kitchens.

The next error I noticed occurs in TBK. In my digital copy it is on page 254. "Gavin hacked off the god’s head. He hacked off its skeletal arms, hacked off its legs—calves wholly formed, thighs still bony. He cut the spine—all in quick succession. There would be no resurrection. He picked up a gold necklace the creature had been wearing, adorned with a single black jewel, tucked it away, and sprayed the creature with pyrejelly, coating every limb. He set it aflame, stoking it with such deep sub-reds that it would be consumed utterly."

Considering the description of other seed crystals I believe the necklace around this fledgling Mot was the blue seed crystal. What use would a god have for any gem other than the seed crystal? Yet when Gavin is recounting the scene to Andross, Andross scolds Gavin for being so careless while destroying the bane and not securing the blue seed crystal. At first, I thought Gavin was lying to Andross because Gavin had plans of his own with the seed crystal. However that theory is thrown out the window in TBE when The Color Prince names Ramia Corfu the next Mot and hands him the seed crystal.  

The final error I noticed is in TBE and occurs in chapter 20. While the Spectrum is discussing the loss of Gavin and the implications it has on the war against the pagans, a question is asked by a person who is not present.

"Why can’t we name a new Prism?” Arys Sub-red asked. 

Then a few pages later, 

"As Kip stepped out , Arys Sub-red came in the door, heavily pregnant and winded." Clearly Arys shouldn't have been able to ask this question.

Thank you all for reading my epitome of dorkiness. If I misunderstood something or if anyone has noticed anything else fishy please reply.

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Mild Spoilers

I don't think that the necklace with a black jewel is a seed crystal. I think it is Black Luxin... The Colour Prince seems to be handing these out to people. The seed crystal looks different I think. Places to look are the relevant chapters with Liv (end of TBE) and the Nu'quaba (towards the end of TBE) for the purple and orange crystals respectively. 

Yeah if thats what it says about the Red then it is quite dodgy hahaha. Will have to go and check on these two things!

You're definitely right about both the first and last points, I only noticed both on my most recent reread (and can't imagine how I missed them the other times!). 

I'm with ZimboFan on the necklace though.

I don't remember about the first point.

On the third point, I checked in my book (the french edition), and it's funny because in the translation they probably caught this error and correct it because it's Klytos who said that instead of Arys.

For the second, I'm on the same boat than ZimboFan and Kelvinator, the necklace is black luxin, it's the same necklace the prince used on the second blue god to kill him and that he gave to Aliviana before she went on her quest for the UV seed.
Added to that, from what I understand (I just finish a re-read of all 3 books), the seed is use to create the Bane, and the Bane is not the god, but this kind of luxin temple they are in with other wights. In the books they said, Bane attract wights and help them in their transition from flesh to luxin, that's why in the book they always found these columns with highly transformed wights in it (like the 6 colossus within the green bane).

For the god, I think it only happens if someone find the seed before it formed a Bane and take control over it. That's why the prince is sending people all around the world to find them. Bane will formed as long as the seed is free, but without someone to take over the seed, no god will be created.

He is taking about the sub-red. I believe it is a fee chapters later he talks about how Andross is still know as Andross Guile, and not Andross Red. It probably should have been stated earlier but nobody is perfect.
The necklace is the black luxin.
And mine says Klytos said it.

You're right that the book definitely stated that Andross is still referred to as "the Guile" even with his role on the spectrum. However, I think that section is there to show the enormous importance of the appointment to the individual. Becoming a color means a literal and symbolic change in the person. Andross was such a well-known person by his rise to red that it was merely an enhancement to his reputation. Throughout all three books Andross is referred to as The Red, most frequently during Spectrum Meetings.

You guys are probably right about the necklace. I am still skeptical though. I would imagine that the color prince would be at least a little upset about losing a nearly perfect Mot. Also Gavin is colorblind for blue by this part so the gem would be shades of black and grey.

Good to hear that Arys no longer asks that question in later versions.


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