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From the fantastic Andy MacDonald, artist for the upcoming Way of Shadows graphic novel:

Thanks for a great 2013. May your holidays be bright and full of cheer!

Merry Christmas,


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awesome drawing. 

I want to sit in Santa Durzo's lap, (ʘヮʘ) "Santa I wanna pony!"

Durzo can't even dress like a normal Santa huh? Come on we all know the costume is a front for a Deader who will be out celebrating Christmas...

This is wonderful for so many reasons... Love it.

Azoth: Gee, i wonder what it is?!

This brought me a warm smile. I still remember the days at school reading the first book in French class instead of umm learning French. First Fantasy book I have ever read and to be honest I fail reading any other books, Brent just has a way in creating a story that not only forgets reality but turns you into an insomniac. In a good way. 

Doll Girl alway makes me depress, she encapsulates innocence in its rawest essence, right up til the end! 


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