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Yellow being in the middle of the spectrum has no opposite, so how does it get balanced?

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I would think that it doesn't necessarily need to be balanced. It is already balanced as in the emotion or moods that are associated to are both the logical step by step methodology of the blue mixed the emotion and passions of red. The issue with yellow is more of the problem of drafting stable and perfect yellow luxin.

I am pretty sure now that he just makes yellow about the same as all of the rest by either drafting more yellow, or more of all of the others

Mr. Weeks is doing  an AMA on reddit on the 24th. Good time to ask!

This question is actually answered in the new book...through some Amazon magic, i got my copy on Sunday and I already finished it

Well then! I preordered the audiobook so no prereafing for me! How was it?

It was amazing, by far the best book of the my humble opinion, of course


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