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Book 4 Questions and Discussion [Lots of Spoilers-don't read if you haven't finished]

I'm just going to jump right into it.

1.  I think Gavin (Dazen) killed Sevastian and that was actually the first time he used black luxin to forget. I think I've said this theory before, but I'll reiterate it.  From my memory, there is no one else who saw the blue Wight, and Gavin himself said that the whole thing didn't make any sense.  There is evidence that black luxin causes forgetfulness and madness.  That isprobably also how he gained his first drafting abilities.  I don't think he did it intentionally, but the black luxin could have been triggered by a nightmare or something.  

On that note, it's still not clear how Gavin's eyes became prismatic and Koios' did not.  My theory is that because Gavin can draft white luxin as well (battle of Garriston and around Ironfist's neck in this book), that's why he is a full prism and The White King is not.  

2.  Consistency error: in this book, Essel said she's 35.  Is that possible? Gavin shrived her mother on his first Sun day (a subred from the False Prism's War, I believe- from book 2 maybe) and the mom made her promise to take care of her young daughter.  How can Essel by 35, unless she was approximately Gavin's age when he shrived her mother?

3.  Andross claims Kip to be his son, but Lina claimed that Gavin (the real Gavin) raped her.  It was mentioned that Lina was a librarian and Andross needed to seduce her, but did the book say Gavin rape her afterwards?  Also, the old prophecy of the Lightbringer makes sense now: "Of red cunning, the youngest son, Will cleave father and father and father and son.” Kip is the youngest of Andross' children (red cunning), but I'm not sure about the last part.

Also, I think that Kip's mom was a Chi drafter, possibly from the Order.  If Paryl causes deep emotions, than Chi, on the opposite should cause disconnection and possibly sociopathic results.  She smoked the haze to deal with her lack of emotion and the trauma of sexual assault.   

4.  I originally thought that Tisis' vaginismus was a plot device to keep Kip from fully connected with her and eventually get him getting back with Teia.  Now, I'm not so sure. I know it's a real, serious concern for women, but I thought it was meant to keep them apart.  Now, I think it made their relationship stronger.  In many fantasy books, and in the Night Angel Trilogy for example, Doll Girl had to die for Kylar to be with Vi. I feel like some fantasy authors having trouble defining and explaining these relationships in their books.  Like one has to die to reconcile the divide between them.  Brent still might kill off Tisis, but I think Teia's path is leading her down a dangerous path, creating a rift between Kip and Teia.

5.  One of the dead men claim that Gavin committed Filicide which is the murder of a son or daughter?  Did I miss something here?

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Gavin/ Real Dazen being haunted from early on by the immortals is an interesting theory and I think you may be correct. I thin real Dazen figured out he was being influenced but he immortals. I think he may even be able to see them.

Hence why he builds the luxin prison’s. He creates the 7 colour ones first. He then practices will casting into them. Once he is strong enough and skilful enough he creates the black luixn prison and will cast the djinn into it, trapping it. Alternately he has trapped a different djinn into each prison and none or the dead men are will casting but all djinns. That’s why the djinn are so interested in this realm right now, because they want to free their trapped comrades.

Of course the act of drafting so much black damages his memory and leaves convinced his brother is alive and he built the prisons for him. Real Dazen has certainly gone a bit mad, maybe even a lot mad, but I think there is a method in the madness. Maybe even a plan to achieve his final goal, which may very well be to become orholam or become some kind of white luxin immortal god???

The thought of one of the 200 immortals haunting Dezin. Is 1 of the first thought that pooped into my head when he was in the black cell. What if dezin trapped the immortal in that cell because the immortal killed sevastion. Wow that would be a mind blower and now he's getting revenge on dezin by filling his head with half truths and lies
That would also explain why andores studied about the 200 immortals
>On that note, it's still not clear how Gavin's eyes became prismatic and Koios' did not.

This is already explained. It's not that Gavins eyes became prismatic cause he's a black drafter. He was born a light splitter. Tiea would have prismatic eyes if she was a full spectrum polychrome. But she's not. That's why Koios isn't a prism.

#4 - The Tisis and Kip relationship is further complicated by the fact that he killed her father. It was a very quick sentence in chapter 110 of The Blinding Knife, "Dervani was Tisis's father." This tidbit was given in the context of Gavin being worried about being outed by Dervani, one of Dazen's followers. Kip probably doesn't know who he was and I'm not even sure that Tisis knew him, but it'll be a bridge they need to cross at some point.

In the third book, they discuss Kip killing Dervani.  He brought up the fact that he killed a wight, and she said she would have liked to have first hand knowledge of that... not just having to take his word for it.

I just got done with my re-read of book 3. Thanks for the tip.

for number 3 if no one has already responded to this I am just to lazy to read all of them but i fee like that by cleave father and father and son I get the feeling that a family fight will happen and will kill his father andross and father dazen because kip does not know about the line or even dazen killing father and the son being kip. or maybe iron white is pregnant and that is were the kid comes from.

Or Father is Orholem, Andross and either Kip or Zymun.

Then there's that annoying fact that the word cleave has a double meaning.


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