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Book 4 Questions and Discussion [Lots of Spoilers-don't read if you haven't finished]

I'm just going to jump right into it.

1.  I think Gavin (Dazen) killed Sevastian and that was actually the first time he used black luxin to forget. I think I've said this theory before, but I'll reiterate it.  From my memory, there is no one else who saw the blue Wight, and Gavin himself said that the whole thing didn't make any sense.  There is evidence that black luxin causes forgetfulness and madness.  That isprobably also how he gained his first drafting abilities.  I don't think he did it intentionally, but the black luxin could have been triggered by a nightmare or something.  

On that note, it's still not clear how Gavin's eyes became prismatic and Koios' did not.  My theory is that because Gavin can draft white luxin as well (battle of Garriston and around Ironfist's neck in this book), that's why he is a full prism and The White King is not.  

2.  Consistency error: in this book, Essel said she's 35.  Is that possible? Gavin shrived her mother on his first Sun day (a subred from the False Prism's War, I believe- from book 2 maybe) and the mom made her promise to take care of her young daughter.  How can Essel by 35, unless she was approximately Gavin's age when he shrived her mother?

3.  Andross claims Kip to be his son, but Lina claimed that Gavin (the real Gavin) raped her.  It was mentioned that Lina was a librarian and Andross needed to seduce her, but did the book say Gavin rape her afterwards?  Also, the old prophecy of the Lightbringer makes sense now: "Of red cunning, the youngest son, Will cleave father and father and father and son.” Kip is the youngest of Andross' children (red cunning), but I'm not sure about the last part.

Also, I think that Kip's mom was a Chi drafter, possibly from the Order.  If Paryl causes deep emotions, than Chi, on the opposite should cause disconnection and possibly sociopathic results.  She smoked the haze to deal with her lack of emotion and the trauma of sexual assault.   

4.  I originally thought that Tisis' vaginismus was a plot device to keep Kip from fully connected with her and eventually get him getting back with Teia.  Now, I'm not so sure. I know it's a real, serious concern for women, but I thought it was meant to keep them apart.  Now, I think it made their relationship stronger.  In many fantasy books, and in the Night Angel Trilogy for example, Doll Girl had to die for Kylar to be with Vi. I feel like some fantasy authors having trouble defining and explaining these relationships in their books.  Like one has to die to reconcile the divide between them.  Brent still might kill off Tisis, but I think Teia's path is leading her down a dangerous path, creating a rift between Kip and Teia.

5.  One of the dead men claim that Gavin committed Filicide which is the murder of a son or daughter?  Did I miss something here?

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I agree with you about the younger brother. I was surprsied it did not come out in the converstations between Andross and Gavin(Dazen) but that may have been a form of mercy from Andross since i really think THAT of all things Gavin(Dazen) would not be able to come back from. 

Maybe that will be revealed if he faces Orholom since that might be the only way he comes back from that. 

As to why Koios does not turn into a Prism, I have 2 theories. 

1) When Koios survived the burning of the WhiteOak Mansion, I think he only made it past that because he broke the halo and drafted luxin to repair his body. If he did not find out he could draft black until after he broke the Halo, that may be the difference between a Prism and a PolyChrome Wight. 

2) (This is what I am leaning towards) He was already a wight by the time Sundered Rock came around and he visited the battle field. There was a point in this book where it was said that what Gavin(Dazen) did there was birth a Black Seed Crystal. I think Koios found that crystal and since he was already a wight, went ahead and incorporated it into his body thereby becoming a black drafter. Then he was able to add to his colors from the drafters he killed just like Gavin(Dazen).

I think only the Blinding Knife has the ability to remove years of drafting/repair the halo of other drafters and only when used by a real lightsplitter (unless Kip is ALSO a black drafter) 

Andross mentions after he gets hit with the knife at the end of book 2 that he has seen the knife used before and it kills not cures. So it has to be something special to Kip and likely shared by Gavin(Dazen).

But if Koios incorporated the black seed crystal, then how did Grinwoody have it at the end of the 4th book (and technically the white and Ironfist had it at the end of the 3rd)? 

I think Koios was always a Black Drafter, but didn't realize it until he had to remake his own body.

I keep editing this lol. As for the Blinders knife: Kip killed Atirat with the same blade, not sure what explains that.

When Grinwoody comes out with the Black Seed Crystal at the end of this book (book 4) he says the Chromeria is wrong about there being only one crystal for each color. I'm pretty sure the one he got from Ironfist was very old. Possibly from the time of Lucidonius. The Chromeria may have even used it's ability to erase memories to erase the inconvenient parts of history they did not want anyone to remember anymore. Kinda like how Ironfist's sister was able to use the Orange crystal as a lie detector.

And when Lip killed the green god, he died because when all the green luxin was sucked up by the knife, dude had no skin left! He could no longer live without the luxin

True, about the 2 seed crystals. About the Atirat: But when Kip actually plunged the dagger into his head, Kip felt bone and brain matter and he twisted it (if I remember correctly). When Kip stabbed both Andross and Gavin, there was no physical damage.  

Ya, that may be able to be explained as no one else got stabbed in the head and no one else had been entirely reliant on the luxin for survival.

As soon as the knife entered, Atirat was dead and that is when Kip felt the skull? Maybe something like that. 

In that same scene just before the Atirat fight, I think Kip stabbed one of the giant green lady-wights in the leg. It completely reverted her to human form, cleared the green luxin from her eyes and left her alive. I think she was killed after that by a musket ball or one of the canon shots.

Or the whole thing with Vox, Kip didn't kill Vox. Vox killed himself when he realized he lost his drafting.

I feel the need to brag a bit. Brant Weeks has so many amazing, unexpected twists in his books but for the first time I had one figured and was even confident enough in my theory to post it on here back in 2014. I had kip being Andross' son instead of grandson figured. Look at my old posts and be amazed by my genius!! Kidding of course. The book was really good. Very different from the first three in that our characters have moved on to the more adult portions of their lives. Even Karris who has been an adult has grown in her responsibilities and it's fascinating to watch kip grow into a competent leader. The finale book is going to be epic and I'm excited about what could happen. I think this book has set up a wild ride for book 5. I like where everyone is from kip with his army to the white king with his bane. Tisis was a truly pleasant surprise in this book. I was pulling for teia at the end of book 3 but everything Tisis has done in this novel has completely changed my mind. 

There are a couple of comments in the book about how the Blinders Knife can only be truly used by a prism. However this was said by Andross, and like you said, at the end of the second book after Andross is hit with the Knife he seems quite confused about what it has done to him, so maybe he does not know as much as he thinks he does.

I think Kip may very well be able to draft one or both of Black and White Luxin. We know the blinders knife can repair the halo. But we don't know exactly how it works and weather it is the black or white luixn in the knife that repairs the halo. We know that the mighty have been drafting a lot, and have burned through their halos. One possibility in the next book is that someone in the mighty breaks their halos. Kip drafts both Black and White. He then goes on to create a new blinders knife.

I think Kip can draft Black safely without damaging his memories. Either through drafting white at the same time as black. Or by feeding memories of his time in the cards into the black rather then his own memories. And when he needs the cards memory back he can just go relive them

Another possibility for when Kip drafts white or black in the next book is when he returns to the Chromeria. According to Commander Fisk the lightbringer will return when hope itself is lost and when abominations come to the Chromeria the lightrbringers holy light will shine through. I think the abominations are the banes/colour gods. All seven will attack the Chromeria leaving the chromeria defenceless as their drafters will be under the control of the gods. Kip will return in time to draft white and destroy the gods. Alternately he drafts black and destroys the gods. The holy light makes it sound like white luxin. But there is also another part of the prophecy about how the lightbringer will save everyone with what everyone abhors, i.e. back luixn.

Anyone want to address the questions or theories I proposed? Need to discuss!!! 

well, as to #2 I do not know that she was a baby when her mother joined the freeing in that flashback. If we are talking about Essel though, we should talk about the fact that she is likely a traitor and the reason Gavin(Dazen) got locked up! I felt real bad for her since Karris sent her to take Gavin to the healers to get patched up. When Ironfist goes to check on Gavin/ Meet with his uncle, Grimwoody says that the blackguard & Healers are dead. Now go to the new book and she is wandering around giving advice to the nunks! 

#3 Andross said that she had sent a letter to BOTH of them. It seems that after she had been run off the first time, she came back to purposely seduce Gavin(real) specifically to steal the knife. I doubt that either Andross or Gavin(real) did any raping but Andross likely did whatever it took to get the info he needed, which we see in the flashback was more like making promises he never intended to keep. I'm sure it was always her intention to use Kip to destroy the entire Guile family in revenge for being cast aside. It was likely info on the Knife that Andross had been after so she also knew exactly what it does to drafters. 

As to her drafting Chi. I think we have enough clues now to determine that Chi drafting is likely (as you said) the opposite of Paryl in that it emotionally disconnects you from your surroundings. We get one clue in this book to that effect as we see a card flash back where a Chi Drafter is using Chi to hide from hunters. Downside to Chi drafting though is it seems to cause terminal cancer in its users so i do not think that Lina was one of those though we cant really tell with how much dope she was always on. 

#5 Yep, i see what you are looking at there - i did not catch that - maybe Dazen had a bastard after all? 

#2: Just Googled it: in the Broken Eye Chapter 24, "I have a daughter, High Lord Prism. She's three..."  So either Essel is lying or there's an error here.  Not sure if she's the traitor, she might have just left with Karris and Ironfist after the raid.

#5: Rereading again and still don't get the filicide comment.

#2 Ya, that would make her what, 19 at best? the Essel in the Blood Mirror was 34ish i seem to remember.  

#5 Ya, I checked as well, I missed it the first few times because it was on audiobook and I just associated it as him killing his brother but that would be Fratricide. maybe it is a metaphoric child? What could be considered his "baby?" Pretty sure BW would not make a mistake like that so it is very likely a big clue! 

So I looked up the definition of Filicide, it's the killing of your child/son/daughter.  Different from infanticide which is the killing of a child/infant. Too specific to be an error, I agree. God, I should be working on my dissertation lol.


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