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So I just read on the blog but there's going to be a fifth book to the series. So I thought I'd start a forum thread. To see what people think will happen in book 4 versus book 5.

I think that in book 4 Dazen and will escape the prison and stop lying and maybe it will end with him getting his powers back? I think that a book for the Civil War will be resolved but that the Everdark gates will open; introducing a new and more dangerous problem that will play out in book 5.

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I think book 4 was simply too long and he had so much stuff to wrap up that he decided 2 books was a better idea.  He stated that we would all be happy with the speed with which the 5th book would come out.  I am assuming he has a lot of it already written.

There are major factors going on.  We have Gavin/Dazen's storyline, Teia, Kip, and Karris v Andross, Liv as a goddess, Ironfist, and that doesn't factor in the White King and The Dancer.

I read the first two chapters he posted up... I have been waiting for something new from him for so long I just had to.  Where his story takes me, I am sure I will be satisfied with it.  Once book 4 is over, I will have a moment where I get mad that I have to wait for a conclusion.  


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