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I need an idea for a good book like the way of shadows to read until black prism comes out. I already read the warded man and the desert spear. I highly recommend by the way if you haven't read them already. The rival the night angel trilogy. Anyway suggestions would be appreciated. By the way a series of trilogy suggestion is more preffered.

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I'm going to suggest revist the originals of fantasy; Lord Of The Rings and any others you can think of. I seriously recommend it if you want something good to read and if you haven't read them in a while, then do revist them I know I am as soon as I can find a copy of them XD
Thx for the suggestion but i'm looking for more recent work. I read The night angel trilogy and the warded man when they first came out. I'm looking for another series that seems like it will be the next big thing. Good suggestion tho. Awesome books.
check out KAREN MILLER.

Or Frank Herbert's DUNE quintology
those two are probably talked about here more than any other author accept Mr. Weeks here.
Well DUNE is great, but old school.

And some of you younger folx don't do well with the older school stuff. So I gave a new one too.

I could give a list of about 40 off the top of my head, OR just go take pictures of my bookshelves.
definitely check out Karen Millers, The Awakened far there are 3 books in the series and a 4th on the way. It's not as action packed, but still a fantastic tale.

Other obvious choices are Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy, forget the titels of each book but very good, and very action packed books.

Prince of Nothing trilogy by R. Scott Bakker, one hell of a read, tough to get through sometimes, but worth it in the end.
thx for the suggestions. The Karen Miller books seem promising but if you could try and give another suggestion or two on books with a lot of action. I love the gritty parts of books where there are giant epic battles or the main enemy fights a character big in the story. And it's always recommended that you give a book idea if it is really detailed.

P.S. If you haven't already read THE WARDED MAN and THE DESERT SPEAR those coupled with the NIGHT ANGEL TRILOGY are the type of books i really enjoy. If you haven't read the warded man or the desert spear read. them. The Warded Man is going to become a movie. The movie rights are already sold. Its a really good book and you'll get hooked immediately.
Ok, the only ones I know with lots of sword emphasis are

David DUncan has some books where the guards of the king are swordsmen, they are magically sworn to defend him. Hiearchy based on abilities.

Lots of save the Kingdom sword fights there.

Micky Zucher Reichert's Renshai books are the ticket for you. It's based on Norse myth ideals, being the best warrior to earn a place at Ragnarok, the lost boy that grows up to be the best, all of that. I think this is where you want to go.

Katherine Kerr has some books set in a Celtic myth based world. SHE DOES AN AWESOME job of capturing the essence of 800 year old beliefs and putting real people at play in them. Celtic swords, battles, elves, the whole bit.
patrick rothfuss - name of the wind. not action-packed as NAT. still, a very good read
and the sequel is just out or just about to be out, one or the other.
thanks for the suggestions ill check some of those out.
Hello everyone.

Similar books to Brent Weeks (and Warded man): David Gemmel, any of the Drenai Tales books, read Druss the Legend first to give you a good taste and you will be hooked. There was a reason Brent was nominated for David's (RIP) award. Very similar in fast paced action packed the hero doesn't take sugar off of anyone.
Abercrombie is a good shout. Dresden Files are another, lot of books but each are seperated into a case thus making it easy to leave and come back to.
If your looking for truly epic complicated stories the Wheel Of Time or Song of Ice and Fire cannot be beat. Be careful though as we have been waiting 5 years for the next part of SoIaF but Jordans Wheel of Time should be completed in the next 2 years.Sadly Robert Jordan died before completing but is being completed by Brandon Sanderson who also has a highly rated Mistborn trilogy (although I haven't gotten around to reading that yet).
If you want a bit slower paced and like to see your hero emotionally suffer the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb is written really well.
I was truly saddened by the deaths of Robert Jordan and David Gemmell who I had been reading for nearly 20 years, but there are some really brilliant writers out there and Brent is up there near the top. Hope (and expect) Black Prism to even exceed the Night Angle saga.


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