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Alright so i have a few theories of my own and also a lot of things i put together from what others have written in different places. I just want to put my thoughts out there and feel free to discuss more on it.

The colors seem to be in a 9 color spectrum of chi, superviolet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, subred and paryl. Paryl and chi are not known to exist by many people but we have gotten quite a lot of info on what paryl can do at least. Chi still being quite unexplored territory. This far we know Kip used chi in some fashion during the storm in The blood mirror where one of his eyes were a pinprick for chi and the other dilated open for paryl. We don't know what can be done with chi but i would guess it's mostly the opposite of paryl as much of the magic system seems to be quite balanced. So kip is a 9 color polychrome. The other time someone possibly used chi in the series, though not written about, was Kip's mother before Kip found her dying in the cave. It was the same as kip during the storm with one of her eyes a pinprick and the other dilated open. Maybe she could use both paryl and chi too or even that she was a 9 color polychrome too.

Now on some white and black luxin. I belive just like in a normal color spectrum black and white is separate from the normal colors. It would just make colors lighter or darker but in the lightbringer series black takes away your drafting and white gives you (maybe only gives back) your drafting ability.

So we know Dazen can use black luxin and it seems Koios can too though i don't know how he got that power and if he was born with it or if he got it some other way after becoming a wight. Possibly from the black seed crystal or something.

Black seems to be a quite destructive and devouring kind of color. It makes people forget things and suck the luxin out of people and even the drafting ability. White is then the opposite and gives you the drafting ability. Dazen can use both white and black but i don't think he can draft the other colors normally. As white and black is different from the others. He would need to drain the color from another drafter with black to use that color or possibly give a color to another drafter with white. Maybe it's one of the different kinds of abilities you can have. Drafting(9 color spectrum), A born prism like Dazen with black and white, mirroring and seering.

The blinding knife is made of both white and black and it can give or take a color from a person.  It can only be used properly by a born prism, as i think a prism can be made(Gavin), because they can use the white and black luxin inside the dagger to give or take a color. Dazen didn't know he could use black or white when he and Andross got stabbed but Dazen was there and, possibly by instinct, made it happen. Plot twist again, Dazen might be the lightbringer after all.

I don't know if i remember it wrong but it feels like someone said there were more than one white or black luxin weapon in the old days.

This theory has a little flaw though. If only a black/white drafter can use the knife properly and even without it can take or give a color then why is there a dagger in the first place? It could be that only some parts are possible so that the dagger would be needed.

The freeing seems to be made for a prism with the blinding knife not killing drafters but instead restoring their broken or almost broken halos so they can draft again. I guess the knowledge of this disappeared sometime with the blinding knife being gone and everyone thinking black and white luxin is a myth. So they started using a normal knife.

Grinwoody talked about something scary being under the chromeria which i guess is at least partly the dead man in the black cell. The dead man is maybe a black jhinn or an evil immortal. That's the kind of vibe i got at least. I guess it's a little similar to hell under the chromeria :p. So in the next book Dazen is going to meet Orholam which i belive is the counterpart to what's under the chromeria. A white jhinn or immortal or something. Grinwoody said Orholam is the source of all the magic in the world. Maybe it's some kind of being or maybe a thing but i think it has something to do with white luxin and how it's ability is to give drafting.

Alright, that's enough for now. If anyone else has some thoughts or if i understood something the wrong way feel free to discuss or correct me and so on.


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you just said Kip is a 9 color polychrome to then go on and say only a prism can use the knife. Kip used that knife and it worked how it should....

Yes Kip has shown that he can use all colors this far, though only a little bit of chi and paryl during the storm.

The thing is Dazen was there. He didn't hold the dagger directly but it was a close combat fight with grappling and stuff and he was close enough to use the powers of it.

From the blood mirror when Dazen talked to Grinwoody in the end.

"Why me?" Gavin asked. "You've got dozens? Hundreds? of people loyal unto death to you."

"The blinding knife's powers can only be activated by a prism. Climbing the tower was once...

I don't belive Grinwoody would lie that time

fair call. it does seem the only people that know anything are the ones that shouldnt

I believe it is worth noting that kip may be a Prism although he doesn't know it yet. If he is a lightsplitter, which is possible if not probable, then he technically would be Prism. It would explain how he can use the knife. 

It is also possible that he may be the Lightbringer and that that may have something to do with it.

As another note I personally think that Kip my not be a full spectrum polychrome but rather a lightsplitting white monochrome. The lightsplitting would allow him to split white into its components allowing him to draft them all or maybe white gives all drafting powers. Maybe white drafters are simply nine colour polychromes who can combined their colours to form white while black are those born without any other colours. Who nows, those are just my thoughts.

This wasn't meant as a direct reply to your last statement, just as a continuation in the conversation.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

Yes i always thought Kip would fit as a prism. I don't know if it's because i like his character or if i actually believe he'll become that. I think Janis Borik said that she can't see him as the prism or maybe it was just the "next" prism. It might of course just be an old woman babbling. I think he has a good chance of becoming the prism. It would fit in nicely with him using the knife.

I've thought a little about who would fit as a white drafter. I wouldn't be satisfied with the series ending without one :)

Kip as a white drafter would be a good one of course. It would also mean that it would fit Kip stabbing Andross with the white in the dagger to give him his drafting back and Dazen stabbing himself with the black to drain away his drafting. 

A white lightsplitting drafter though, that's a really interesting one. Kip is of course trained to draft from surfaces with the color he wants to draft or use spectacles but that might be because he just doesn't know he can split pure white light directly from the sun and without spectacles.

I think it's really difficult to draft white and black even though one would be able to. That's why it's rare. When Dazen drafted brightwater wall and became lightsick and collpased he drafted a little white. Then during the prisms war when he fought Gavin and almost died he drafted black.

I think Kip might be a Prism without being The Prism. By that I mean he will have the powers of a Prism without being named as the Prism. I think those powers will only be a part of his powers when he fully becomes Lightbringer. Perhaps he will become the White God in order to counter the other seven. Who knows. All we know for sure at this point is that he is a powerful and skilled drafter who meets most of the prophesies of the lightbringer as well as those by Janis.

I always thought Kip would be a Prism but not the Prism, I believe the knife was meant to be used on Sunday's to restore power to those who broke the halo and take away power for the undeserving. I believe the high luxiat's and the spectrum held back this knowledge and was their way of keeping power and not letting one family grow too strong. The knife worked for Kip even when Gavin was nowhere near him when he stabbed the green assassin in Janis Borik's house Gavin was not even on the the Jaspers. 

Yes that's the kind of impression i've gotten from the knife too. Oh i didn't remember that time. Then i guess he might have prism like powers too that hasn't been revealed yet. The description of the knife in the black prism was that it looked like a white metal blade with a black core and 7 diamonds, or at that instance one was blue so Kip called it a sapphire. So i don't think the blade holds chi or paryl. Hence why i think a prism doesn't need to be able to draft them. But it would make him/her stronger if they are able to.

what about black and white? Are they paryl and chi or are there really 11 "colors"?

Word. I think Prism is a just a term for a light splitter. Whatever happens in the Prism Ceremony must be like what Dazen did in the freeing - really murdering the "free" but without being a born black drafter as well, they otherwise need the marrow sucker blade to transfer the power.

I think you got something there with the white drafters being able to do all other colors. I think it really has something to do with the djinn that enbue the drafter with colours.

I think Kip used a bit more than a little of chi and paryl during the storm as I believe only a very powerful drafter could have kept them apart and it left him drained.


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