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Hi there,

 Just wandering if you ever wrote down ALL of the previous names Durzo has used?

Or if anybody else could help me, I'd appreciate it!


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gaelan starfire, jorsin alkestes


Those are the two I remember.
There are a few parts in the books where many people list them. Theyre usualy the same (I don't know if thats all of his names)

First of all, Jorsin Alkestes was not one of Durzo's names.

Durzo's real/first name was Acaelus Thorne. All the names (that we know of) that Acaelus has assumed over the years include:
Galean Starfire,
Ferric Fireheart,
Garric Shadowbane,
Hrothran Steelbender,
Vin Craysin,
Tal Drakkan,
Yric the Black,
Zak Eurthkin,
Rebus Nimble,
Qos Delanoesh,
X!rutic Ur,
Mir Graggor,
Pips McClawski,
Dav Slinker,
Oturo Kenji,
Durzo Blint.
Does Any one know what the meaning of a Jorsin pun is when Durzo is talking to count Drake on the creation of Kylar's name they mention it obviously its something to do with the play on words but id like to know the specifics
It had to do with the job. Kylar, like the word cleave, means both to bring together and tear apart.

He was also Dhevi. Whose full name escapes me.
Ya, Durzo named Azoth, Kylar, because it meant cleave, to slash, to tear apart, ect.

For me i saw the pun when I noticed "Kylar" sounds alot like "Killer"
kylar is like cleave, to pull apart, and to puch together, kylar is one who kills and one who is killed
Kylar's name means "one who kills" and "one who is killed", which I guess is a Jorsin pun. The name's perfect though because Kylar kills and is killed alot. Durzo totally knew what was in store for Azoth after he became his apprentice.
no, Durzo Blint was a pun, but he was drunk, it was supposed to be Durzo Flint

that's not a pun, it's a spelling error :P

It's JAERAN punning. "To kill", and "to be killed."
you're right…don't know why i thought jorsin…i was thinkin of thorne…my apologies. thanks for catching me!
Ahh yes yes I forgot about that bit... kinda learn something new about this book and it pushes something else out.... wish I knew what the whole list means... i think we should get on to Brent and he can right us a appendix


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