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I am about half way through listening to the AudioBook again before I can sit down this weekend and actually read the book. (Does anyone else hate new book tues? make it on Friday damnit!!)

Just got to the part where Teia gets called back to see Murder Sharp and when he checks her breath, he looks like she farts in his face. He then says 

“You know what we do, Adrasteia?” he asked. “Stealth. Stealth is what we do. Well, it’s the necessary building block for what we do. You know what’s not stealthy? Haltonsis. Haltonsis isn’t sneaky, Teia. Might as well chew garlic.”

Weeks, Brent. The Blood Mirror (Lightbringer Book 4) (Kindle Locations 4649-4651). Orbit. Kindle Edition.

Just caught the dig this time around! I guess Druzo was good enough that he could be stealthy AND stinky!  

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haha I did notice that

Is a reference, but Durzo didn't have to worry about the stink. He had the black kakari, and it's mentioned a few times that Kylar has no odor at all. Notice that later, Durzo stops chewing garlic.

I knew the garlic thing felt out of place, but I read past it. Nice catch!


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