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Got nothing else to do so reread the black prism. So in the beginning when Rekton is burned, Kip finds his mom and friend in a cave by the river. Her skull had been crushed and so on. But Brent wrote that her were an horror, one pupil was a pinprick and the other was dilated. This might have been trivial at the time but after reading three books we now know that some drafting exclusively needs the manipulation of one's pupil (Paryl for instance). So, Brent says somewhere that there was a belief that drafters gave birth to drafters or something so could Kip's mother be a drafter? Katalina stole the blinding knife somehow, so she must have been in the chromeria to do that right? So she must have been a drafter or someone from the nobility. Liv says that she has stunning hazel eyes, so she should've been a paryl drafter to have no halo. Kip says that she found lot of haze in the cave once, Orholam knew how she found it. Paryl or maybe Chi anyone?

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I didn't know about the closed head injury thing. Grinwoody did know his surname, when Kip got Teia's papers from Andross he asks Kip his name and nods as if he already knew it. I thought there were only three books out but is the fourth one released or something?
Lina might have been just a whore as the real Gavin said. She might have not been a drafter and had never set foot on the jaspers. Might have stolen the knife by seducing Gavin before the battle at sundered rock. If you're gonna kill your brother, a Prism no better option than the blinding knife right? He might've brought it to Tyrea to end the war maybe. After all it was in Andross' custody.

I believe she was a member of the Magisterium.

The story that was told to Quentin said that Andross accused them of stealing it.  Andross informed Kip that he knew she had taken it.  Maybe she stole it from Andross and either was caught by Gavin, or tried to get Gavin's protection (thinking maybe that being the prism he wasn't corrupt).  Regardless, Gavin "humbled" the strong woman.  

the Luxiats of the Magisterium aren't drafters.

So Gavin raped a luxiat sometime and she stole the knife and fled to Tyrea?
Kip dismissed her version because he never met the real Gavin. He met his brother whom he thinks as Gavin like all do, except a few of course. If the real Gavin had met Kip as Prism he wouldn't have been as nice as his brother was and Kip would've believed his mother. He knows Gavin (Dazen) and knows that he wouldn't have raped his mother. His mother was haze addled after all.

From his blinding, we know that Gavin (Dazen) can definitely call up black.  I'm assuming he probably can call up white as well, though he doesn't know he can (or know how).

We all assume Gavin will break out of the prison.  Perhaps he will be rescued from it?  Teia has the master cloak.  The Order doesn't know she has it.  I think that knowledge will make Teia a powerful enemy of the Order.

There appears to be a few players that knew about Lina.  Garadul obviously did... Though to what extent we don't know.  He was the son of the sataraph of Tyrea, and later the king.  General/Sataraph Danavis knew about her and who Kip was.  Andross knew who she was.  Grinwoody appears to know (as to at what level, slave or master who can tell).  

Dazen was clueless to the whole thing.

Garadul is dead so we don't know how he knew Lina unless he has a card. Teia is called a goddess by a man she kills so her acquiring the cloak might be larger than anything we might assume. Dazen got his powers naturally, probably from Orholam himself so we might see him get his powers back with some divine intervention?

I remember the man Teia killed saying "goddess" but at the time I didn't take it the same way you did.  If you remember when Kip killed Vox (or rather Vox killed himself) he was crying for Atirat to come back.  Perhaps this man was calling to the Ultraviolet goddess Ferrilux?


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