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I read through The Black Prism imagining kip white, then the trailer showed him black. I don't think the book specified what color he was. But Gavin was white in the trailer meaning his brother and kips father was also white, so how was kip black in the trailer? This really confused me, so if someone could shed some light on this I would be grateful.

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He's multiracial according to Brent.
Am I right in saying that both Gavin and Karris are both white? Because that would almost certainly kill the theory I've read on here of Kip actually being their son.
yup, I'm pretty sure that his mom back in his home town was his real mom. Not Karris.
Lina was his real mom, Karris gave birth to another child, which will probably pop up in book two, maybe.  Tyreans range from dark Indian to black, considering Tyrea has a lot of desert.  Possible that Lina was black, didnt discus her much in the book other then the crude remarks as an addict.

On my first read-through of the Black Prism I found it a little confusing to keep track of what each people looked like.

Blood Forrester's, Tyrean, Ruthigari, Parian, etc, then the fact that so many characters were mixed and stated as having traits not belonging to either half of their lineage, etc...

But at one point in the book, when Kip is with Karris, she does make mention of his skin.

My son would be Kip's age. Hell, Kip could be my son. He does have blue eres, and my grandmother was Parian.

What, you think brown skin and kinky hair skips a generation? Like twins? - Chapter 76, pg 516-517. Hardcover edition.

It's my second read-through and I'm still finding it a little difficult to figure out what traits are dominant to the people from a particular Provence. I think I might create a cheat sheet.

By Jove, I Think Kip May Be Gavin And Karris's Kid!

I too read most of the book ..thinking the "black" prism had something to do with him ,in the end ,being able to absorb light of any colour from others (my rampant imagination ran away there somewhat)and recall laughing really hard at myself when i realized "black'referred to his skin color ... go figure 

Lol you guys crack me up lol kip is biracial his mother being dark his father light however SPOILERS!!!!!!!! Maybe but not that major

Andross Guile does say that his brother, mother and grandmother were dark skinned due to their parian blood (Ironfist is parian as well remember how Gavin thinks about the contrast of how white Ironfist teeth are in comparison to his skin)

Kip is definitely described as having darker skin, blue eyes and somewhat wavy brown hair. This is pointed out because his colouring is near-ideal for a drafter. Darker skin makes it harder for luxin to be seen moving under the skin, making it harder for enemies to know when and how you are attacking, especially when your halo is small. Blue eyes are apparently "deeper" and thus can absorb more light faster, making gathering luxin for an attack faster and more efficient. I think the book specified that he had more brown skin than full Parian, though.

I always picture him more Mediterranean or just very tanned now than Black or White.

But i know what you mean, i used to picture him white on my first read through.

I wouldn't trust the trailer too much. Gavin is supposed to be red haired and Karris turned her hair black before going on that initial adventure, neither one of which was portrayed. Also, if there's one thing about Kip that is stressed over and over through the series, it's that he's fat. The actor in the trailer was in shape.

That being said... It would be really cool if the trailer could be used as a jumping point for a movie or maybe a Netflix series.


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