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I read through The Black Prism imagining kip white, then the trailer showed him black. I don't think the book specified what color he was. But Gavin was white in the trailer meaning his brother and kips father was also white, so how was kip black in the trailer? This really confused me, so if someone could shed some light on this I would be grateful.

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im pretty sure i remember reading he had dark skin, (so it was probably from his mothers side) yea there was a few things in the trailer that wasnt the same as the book but overall it was cool, 
oh.... so I wonder if it's tan or half black. either way, the guy in the video was darker and wasn't kip blonde? oh well
I imagined Kip white. Idk this might be a little racist, but by default I imagine everyone in books I read white, unless otherwise mentioned, but even then, meh

it's not racist, it's natural for people to imagine characters as their color unless specified. I wouldn't have put up the thread if it was racist and please say stuff even if you think it might be racist, because it furthers the conversation. but yeah I did the same thing, it made the trailer kinda weird for me watch.


Plus one other thing I thought was weird but is up to the imagination, the way they had kip glow green when he was about to draft, I imagined it like the skin itself changing like the blood was changing under it in a way instead of light around it. I know that would be hard to do in a video but still.... I don't know, how did you guys picture that?

Steven, i believe at the most he was tan.  But he was white.  Like darker skinned maybe like light mexican. The actor was a horrible choice no about it.  And steven i always imaged it that at first there was light around.  Not until they started drafting their body (like all wrights) did their body morph with the drafting.
they why would it not appear as much with black people? i was thinking because it would be harder to see in their skin because its so dark
dont really think it went into description of how it looked on colored people.  Also i get what you mean a bit oh wait i have the answer.  Steven, their body changes color, but it doesnt manipulate like luxin.  If thats what you were getting at.

no, it did when it talked about the guards and why they were black, it was because it didn't show as much on their skin as much as whites did so it was harder to tell they had started drafting or readying it.


its not, i said the blood changing earlier for a way to explain it better didn't mean it manipulated the body.

I too imagined Kip being white, maybe a bit tanned..
And personally I always imagined the luxin build up in their veins and in terms of green luxin, literally bursting out of his veins into solid objects (which to a certain extent is what happened in the trailer.)
Personally though I have difficulty with The Light Bringer Trilogy.. I want to be a director, and so I envision what I read in books extremely vividly, and then go back and edit. I read The Night Angel Trilogy and really want to turn those into films, but the thing with The Light Bringer Trilogy, is I can't imagine things like the luxin wall they build. Literally to me it's just lot's of colours, and looks silly.. So if anyone could tell me how they pictured it (in detail) that'd be appreciated as my brother finally gave me back (my) copy of The Blinding Knife, which I haven't read yet. 

P.S. sorry if this seems really out of date, I only just found this forum >.< 

“She huffed out a breath and turned away while the boy rubbed his head and moaned. The boy squinted
at her, but she kept her back to him. She busied herself unstringing her bow and stowing it. The boy
turned his royal blue eyes to Gavin. Interesting, with his light brown skin and kinky hair. Blue eyes were
blue because they were the deepest, and thus the most light-sensitive and best light-collecting. It was far
from the only criterion, but people with blue eyes were disproportionately represented among the most
powerful drafters. More light to use, more power to burn.”

Thanks to a quote I found in the comments on the main page's post about the trailer it does make a little more sense now. So his mom was probably black.... because I don't know that a tan that can turn actually brown brown....

actually if you look a bit further Brent actually added a comment to his own blog post about the trailer explaining a bit. check it out.
oh, thanks


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