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So I get that the Dark Hunter hates Krul and that he probably killed them all when he took Curoch, but I have also heard he was the head Krul so that confused me. How did all the Krul die then? Or Was it Dorian with the spell thing. Also when it talks about the creation of Krul it makes it sound like Khali was the creation of the 13 Legion Hiarchy Rule thing when Ursal was raising all of them, but since she was not summoned/created by ursal who is the head of the Krul if it is not Khali? I feel like I skipped over part of the story because i am totally confused. Any help would be great! Thanks


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Remember the Strangers? They are beings that used to have physical bodies but no longer, though their consciousness' still exist. They both long for physical bodies again and hate the living for having what they have lost. You could consider them demons of a sort.

The Krull are physical constructs (golems essentially) which then are possessed by Strangers and magically bound into service.

Khali does not control them, she is allied with them. The 13 hierarchy probably either comes from something that was pre-existing with the strangers themselves or is otherwise simply just a necessary part of the structure of the way the magic works in order to instill their spirits in the Krul bodies and control them.

The Dark Hunter is some sort of magical being that was probably created by Roygaris Ursuul in conjunction with the 'Dark Lord'. It may even have been Roygaris himself fused with/possessed by some very powerful Stranger. Ezra thought that he could sublimate the Dark Hunter and use it for his own purposes - he was wrong. In the end he was able to lour the Dark Hunter to his 'wood', in which a titanic battle ensued. The result of which is that Ezra has either somehow fused himself with the beast as a last desperate measure to contain it, or is simply locked in an unending battle with the creature but is able to keep it confined to the wood for the most part.
OHHHHHH OK That makes a lot of sense thank you. The book was so good I kept reading untill way too late too finish so I think I was too tired to put it together.

So was it the dark hunter that killed all the Krull when he came for Curoch?
I think the Dark Hunter pretty much annihilated anything magical on his way from point a to point b. Krul included. And of course once all of the pieces and players were in place Dorian orchestrated the magic which set everything aright.

Is Weeks pulling a Sanderson? Do both Night Angel and Lightbringer series share a cosmos where the "angels" are common to both worlds?

Ok and it didn't kill Dorian or anybody good because Erza was controlling it then. GOT it! It all makes sense now thanks!!!
So is the idea that Curoch is back in the woods. If so what about Iures
Yes but Kylar said he could feel the wolf in the Hunter and Wolf said The hunter is hubris. If Wolf didn't have some control over him the hunter would have killed Dorian, Vi, Kylar and anything else magical in the area just as he destroyed the krul
I have to agree. The Dark Hunter has become like an extra limb of the Wolf/Ezra as it his hubris (pride)
The way i took it is that the hunter touched the sword - while attempting to collect it, steal it, whatever you want to call it, and "its" power added to the rest of theirs. . i have worded it badly, but heres a direct quote from the book:
"So Dorian had set a trap to join their will to the one beast that had the power to impose that will on the world."

- Does the "one beast" refer to the hunter?
didnt khali come when they made 13 nightlords or something like that? what would come if 13 khalis where made... xD
ME lol!


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