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Just curious if i missed something, but in the second book the healer Drissa makes a point of telling Logan not to show off his green glowing tattoo. Does anyone know the significance of this tat? Ive read the series, but i cant remember any mention of why it was important.

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It was some sort of sign that he was the High King. Malioboro or whatever his name was (the son of the Godking, pretending to be the High King) had a fake one. When they fought a dragon came out of Logan's and killed stuff.

I am curious about that tattoo as well. It may had happen when Kylar aided Drissa in healing Logan and it suddenly gave him some sort of special ability. But this is based on my own opinions, hopefully it will be elaborated further in the future.
I think it was already all weird before the healing though. I could be wrong there, but I thought that as soon as the dragon's blood spilt on his arm stuff started happening.
Well doesn't dragons have magical powers? This might not be true in Brent Weeks world but generally dragons are magical so doesnt that make there blood magical?

It was a sign of him being the High King. He just had to keep it hidden until ... a more suitable time, I guess.

When Kylar helped Logan escape from the maw in the second book when fighting that dragon it spilled it's blood on Logans arm right were the tattoo is.

It part of the prophecy that means he's the high king, which would have likely just made him an eve bigger target.

Marked by the eye of the moon dragon. Or something like that.

Read the books again. It will be really worth it ;-)


But yes, the tattoo was created by the Moon Dragon's blood spilling on Logan's arm when Kylar was rescuing him from the Hole. This tattoo marks him as the High King. I think Drissa reminded him to cover it up because it wasn't the right time to reveal it yet.

Agreed. Though many don't like to, rereading the series (any kind of series) really helps you pick up what you missed. Besides, this series was all too easy to read again. Keeps you just as entwined in the story as the first time around!

When Kylar saved Logan from the hole and they were attacked by the giant Silver Lizard, that was the Moon Dragon, One of them pierced it's eye and it's blood fell on Logan's arm, creating the scar, that scar is the mark of the Moon Dragon, and is one of the requirements for being a high king

Logan stabbed it in the eye with a stalagmite when it got distracted by him and Gnasher it opened its eye to him. Allowing him to stab it and thus the blood splashed upon his forearm. Kylar has tried multiple times to attack but the dragon had shielded it from him each time.

That means Logan is the hellbringer


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