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December 19, 2012

Hey everyone,

One of the great benefits of me having an assistant is that she can help me get around to things that I would never get around to myself, despite the best of intentions. One of my long-term projects has been to do a re-design of the Ning main page. After a few years, we now have really good stats on what pages people actually visit. I want to make those more prominent so that the portions of the site that you all use are fewer clicks away and easier to find. 

I have many skills, but graphic design guru is not among them. I'm going to try to make something that's sensible, but I do expect that at first, it might take some getting used to. I intend to start tomorrow; if you get us in the middle of messing with things, expect things to be, well, a mess. It may take a couple of days of tweaking to get things to how we think makes sense. 

Please have patience with us during that time. 

After the re-design is finalized and you've had a little bit of a chance to get used to it, we'll open up a forum topic for your thoughts, suggestions, and complaints. If we've messed up, we'll change things one more time and hopefully have all of the changes finished within a month.

Sound good?

tl;dr Site re-design starts tomorrow, will be finalized within a month!

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Looking forward to it.

As we're updating the theme, be aware that your own profile page may change! (You see that under "My Page" when you're logged in.)

Looking good so far guys.

Kinda late, don't you think? Right before the Mayan Apocalypse? Looking good though.

Apocalypse passed and the site looks good!

Got both things going for us now!

Looks great. However, the only thing that bothers me is the "latest activity" thing in the bottom of the page...

Closing this discussion too, since we've got the site re-design wrapped up. :)


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