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As the title says, this is not a review. This is a collection of notes that I made as I was reading the book. For the most part they will be random little thoughts I had while reading particular scenes, others are more thought-out questions/concerns/theories. The way it will work is, I will include a short section (a few lines) of the book to give context to my notes, and the chapter. For the sake of clarity, our favorite brothers will be referred to by their proper names (i.e. Gavin, is dead. Dazen is alive)


[Chapter]<Book Section> Personal thought/note/musing/whatever-you-wanna-call-it

Disclaimer: I took these notes as I was reading the book for the second time, so some of the notes might allude to something that happens later on in the story.

Here we go.

[Chapter 11]Kip thinking about Tisis <Holy shit. Woman, you are the reason some ugly smart guy invented language— simply so he could have some chance against better-looking men to woo you.> Ha! I don't think any particular line in either NAT or Lightbringer has made me laugh so much.

[Chapter 11]<“I’m not adding ‘cheater’ to the list,” Kip said....The list of things I, uh, dislike about myself.” Loathe.> Dammit Weeks! 2meirl4meirl!

[Chapter 13]This is in the ship just before the yellow storm hits <“Finally found the pearl button, huh?”> The what? huh? For real though, I'm as confused as Kip.

[Chapter 13]This is just after Kip saved the ship <“What’s wrong with his eyes? One is— and the other—”> Ok, so one of his eyes is super dilated and the other is super contracted since he was able to see both extreme ends of the spectrum at the same time, F**king awesome!... now, can we stop we the lenses please--more on the lenses later. Also, who the hell was it that Kip saw while he was seeing in chi?--more on that later, too.

[Chapter 15]This is while Dazen is in the blue cell, after Marissia was taken away <He could still hear the muskets echoing in the cramped space as he’d blown his brother’s head> If Dazen never kept Gavin imprisoned. What happened to all the food he threw down over the years. Bread decomposes but there should at least be some remnants in the cells, at least in the blue cell. Also Andross initially kept him in the blue cell, shouldn't he have found it strange that there was no scape tunnel already there.

[Chapter 17]As the new blackguards are being sworn in <“Massensen reminds me that we wear black that we may serve in obscurity. We wear black that the light may shine the brighter. Massensen reminds me of duty with excellence.”> We work in the dark to serve the light. Nothing is true everything is permitted--Assassin's Creed

[Chapter 19]Dazen still in the blue cell, first discovering his greatest creation <“You really don’t remember. I’m appalled. Gavin Guile, the man so near to being a god, has forgotten his own creation? But some part of you does remember, doesn't it? Else why are you talking in your sleep?"> Is this a reference to Dazen having dreamt all interactions between Gavin and The Dead Man? Maybe. Doubtful. But, since we know that Gavin was dead all along, all those chapters in previous books we got from Gavin's POV had to have been in Dazen's dreams, right?

[Chapter 19]<"they knew you were a monster. They knew you had to be stopped. You, Dazen, are the Black Prism.”> oh, huh. OH! so that's why that is the name of the first book! Ok so we know the reasons behind the title of the first 3 books...What is The Blood Mirror? is it the color prisons? It'd make sense since they are reflections of Dazen's blood-filled past.

[Chapter 22]<He was the bad guy? So be it. He was a monster? He would be the best. He would emerge. He would comfort Karris, and he would avenge himself on his enemies> Yeah! That's my boy! Kill them! Kill them all!

[Chapter 25]Tisis talking to Kip while on their tent <“Stop that! Stop that. Do you even know how loused up you are? Everything you believe about yourself is wrong. Orholam’s toe cheese, Kip, it’s so frustrating!”> Tell me about it sister! I've been dealing with his crap for 6 years!

[Chapter 28]During the execution of the prisoners <“High Lady,” High Luxiat Tawleb interjected, “many pardons, please. But did we not agree that it’s a terrible idea to let this traitor, this, this loathsome pagan heretic..."> Granted we don't know this character well, but this seems odd. What is he afraid of? Quentin already confessed and no one believe he had orders form this guy was involved. Let him speak, why give yourself away? Wanting to not let him speak when you know he said you were behind his actions only makes you look guilty. And this is supposed to be a smart person? This seems very out of place to me, like it is only there so that little Quentin doesn't have to die.

[Chapter 29]Kip to Tisis <‘But… we’re going in order to fight. We are going so that we can fight. We’re going with the sole intention of fighting. Ergo, if one doesn’t want to fight, where we— the Mighty— are going, is not where you, who are not the Mighty, should go.’> Ha! smart ass! There's a lesson here kids, don't be a condescending jerk to your wives.

[Chapter 29]<Of course, unrelieved horniness with the promise of relief if he lived was a nice incentive, too. Yes, sir! Thank you, sir! I would prefer the other incentive, sir!> *sigh* wouldn't we all buddy, wouldn't we all. By the way, this entire chapter is, almost, pure gold-- Kip the Lip brought his 'A' game, the Mighty providing solid insight and comic relief, Tisis showing some balls, and the flashbacks? dreams? hallucinations? (what are we calling them?). But, WHY IS KIP USING LENSES TO DRAFT!?--but more on that later.

[Chapter 30] Karris to Quentin <“Luxiat Quentin Naheed,” she said loudly. “You have earned expulsion from the Magisterium for the violation of your vows. You deserve to be stripped of your title.”> This entire scene is really powerful stuff. I Can think of only a few things worse for a man of that time than being stripped of title and family/name.

[Chapter 30] While the one guy being broiled alive <All the light in the world illumined the traitor, and he screamed. He soul-screamed a name.> He what what? is this like when Kvothe (Pat Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicle) calls the wind, but instead of the wind, you call a(n) alien? demon? god? pan-dimensional being? Cerberus?

Ok this is going on a lot longer than I thought it would. I'm going to leave it off here and continue in a different post.

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Some good stuff, couple things I wanted to comment on that your notes sparked in my head. 

[Chapter 13]This is just after Kip saved the ship <“What’s wrong with his eyes? One is— and the other—”> Ok, so one of his eyes is super dilated and the other is super contracted since he was able to see both extreme ends of the spectrum at the same time, F**king awesome!... now, can we stop we the lenses please--more on the lenses later. Also, who the hell was it that Kip saw while he was seeing in chi?--more on that later, too.

This got me thinking cause i didn't realize it at the time. So if one eye it completely dilated for paryl and the other is completely contracted for Chi. Wasn't that how kip found his Mom in the cave when she originally gave him the Blinders Knife? Her eyes in the same state but he chalks it up to Haze.

From Book 1  "Her eyes were a horror to behold, the pupil of her left eye dilated, the right a tight pinprick. "

 And in that same chapter after Kips gets them thru the storm it actually goes to a Flashback of Andross and the Librarian Katalina which we know now is "Lina" kips mom. Which Kips says he recognizes her. So she could draft Paryl and Chi swell? but whats it mean?  and Im pretty sure Weeks says who he sees in Chi, it was Tisis and the room slave, and then the Librarian Rea Siluz who he sees in full Vision who gives him his sight back.

these are just loose thoughts i can't connect, so his mom was a Librarian, Katalina, and now what seems like his Djinn/Good immortal Rea Siluz thats always helping him, just like against abbaddon is also a librarian or was? but what does any of that mean hahhaa i don't know.

Also still confused about the blood mirror title? they barely mention that mirror at the end of the book that got destroyed when that three headed dog thing popped out of the sub red drafter on Orholams Glare but that was it...

Makes sense that Lina's letter to Gavin (Dazen) stated that she was dying.  Maybe the Haze was for the pain of the tumors chi causes?

This all fits. But I'm not sure that we have enough to go on to say that the fact that Rea Siluz and Kip's mother were both librarians means anything. Though, another link is that they both have halo's of kinky hair (half remembered fact).

If his mother could draft paryl and chi, what the hell was she ? And Rea is an immortal ? damn there is something we are missing.

I could swear there was a flashback or something where somebody had found or had drafted White but i haven't looked back into it there are many clues pointing to something to do with the 3 of them.

The Lightbringer has to certainly be kip. Andross has sired a black prism before, is kip a white Prism ? I struggle to study any deeper than just reading the chapters so forgive me 

I feel this book was very short with at least 100 less pages than previous installments it felt like it was only filling us in for time. Maybe the next book will be much quicker since i feel we got only tidbits from this one.

The Pearl Button ( clitoris ) bringer of climax, from the wild night of sex that they feigned.

I swear to Orholam all this time I've been reading it as The Pearl Bottom, no wonder it never made sense


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