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Please for the love of god tell me you're going to go back to Kylar and Vi before writing the 5th book of the lightbringer.

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Nope. I think he's heading back to Midcyru after book 5,

I hope they get together in the time gap ;)

Yep, Brent will be returning to Midcyru after Book 5 of Lightbringer! 

He better head back to Kylar and Vi not just Midcyru. The Night Angel Trilogy (which I just count as one long book, being as I have the bundle copy) has by far bypassed Enders Game as my favorite book and if those un answered questions don't get answered I might just lose my mind.

Except both Kylar and Vi have finished their narrative arcs. Rather than beat them to death, I'd rather see a bit more of Logan, and Dorian and Kylar's sons. I fully expect Kylar to be a part of the next Midcyru series, but it would be terribly disappointing if he was the man character.

Hi all! So I just read the Night Angel Trilogy for the first time (I know, what have I been doing with my life...) and absolutely loved it. Definitely in my top five book series. That being said, from my opinion, I would like to see Weeks go back and sort of tie up knots. I loved the series but as it came to a close there was so much more he could have elaborated on and much that I feel was left open for future books. However I would both agree and disagree with Vortaan in regards to how the characters develop in the next book(s). I to would like to know where Vi's and Kylar's relationship ended up. Obviously it was implied at the end of the last book that there was some sort of connection there but also earlier Kylar saw Vi's deep, honest love for him and Elene had asked both of them to watch out for each other as time passed; what that entailed would be nice to know: Are they close friends, friends with benefits, married, etc. I personally am hoping that both Kylar and Vi can find solace in each other and actually be happy and not broken for once. I think it would be very important to keep both Kylar and Vi's narrative continuing, especially depending on their relationship, because I have a feeling that whatever events come to pass after the '18ish' years of peace would heavily involve them both in some way. Also Kylar's abilities continue to grow and he did swear an oath and that could arc into another story all together.

I do agree with Vortaan in regards to seeing stronger character stories: most specifically with Logan and his reign of peace, what the hell the tattoo on his arm actually does, etc. Also with the mages: Dorian, Solon and Feir not to mention the fact that Ulyssandra was never really brought up once Durzo and Kylar left. And then of course the two sons that Jenny carries and how exactly they play into everything.

Ultimately I am hoping Weeks continues the story arc of many of the characters I have come to read and thoroughly enjoy: Kylar, VI, Logan etc. There was so much left open at the end of the third book that Weeks could easily keep Kylar the main character and still successfully develop the many questions I am sure we all have.

Thoughts anyone? 


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