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I recently found on IMDb a fan created a page outlying what he/she believes to be the best actors for the main characters if they were to ever make a movie out of the trilogy here is a copy for the link let me know what you think and if there are any actors you think would be a better choice.... Also unfortunately he got God King Garoth Ursuul completely wrong he would look good as a god king but I'm pretty sure Khalidorans aren't black.... Pale skin black hair and blue eyes right? Also any female readers who are a fan of the series I'm trying to convince my wife to start reading the trilogy but she refuses any suggestions for what i can tell her a female would like about them????

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There are already multiple threads for this. Here, and here (the biggest one) among others. Also on the topic of movies is this (again, not the only one on the subject).

oh wow ya sorry i'm new to the site and didn't see any of those i just got super excited about this one cause it had all the pictures of the actors right next to it.. Unfortunately like i said i think that it would be way too much information and detail to put into one movie you'd have to make each movie two parts.....

Yeah. It's ok, just thought I'd prevent yet another huge thread about a movie starting before it really began. I think we've got enough for now. Maybe you could copy+paste that post into one of the other threads or something? Sometimes it's a bit of a 50/50 whether to respond to an old, dead thread or start a new one anyway though.

If there is a movie no name actors would be the best!! Don't riddle the movie with diva stars who need to impose themselves into characters. A few big names in more minor roles is great, but I disagree with a lot of what was on that link. Those were chosen as "ideal" by a fan who is likely not hired for casting and does not see the millions of emerging actors in the world. Those are chosen from actors in mainstream media. The younger Azoth, Jarl, and Doll Girl should definitely be no name actors. Elene should not be of our idea of Hollywood beauty either. There is something fake and contaminated about that beauty for a character as pure as Elene. She should be someone fragile and feminine, the "damsel in distress" kind of beautiful. Elegant and graceful, and not Hollywood.
I feel sort of the same way for Logan, he should be an old school kind of gentlemen, not a modern idea of was old school should have been. There are a number of name actors that could play Vi, Momma K, maybe even Durzo, but anyone who has been cast for modern, stereotypical American roles too many times, I feel, are not suitable. I hate to see movies tainted by too much modernism. The books were amazing, I'd be apprehensive to see the movie in theaters for fear of a let down as I've seen with other books to movie..... From my movie experiences, I feel the more big names there are, the more likely the movie is meant to herd in numbers and make fans rather than herding in fans and enlarging that number. Big name, crowd pleasing movies are always too far from the books, leaving true followers unhappy.

Since reading the books the first time around I've thought they'd make a fantastic set of films, there can't be any less than 3 films (hopefully more). But they can't let anyone from twilight be involved in them, these films need to be epic in their scale; comparable to Lord of the Rings or Avatar in their size and budget. Not mushy teenage crap that tries to pander to everyone which in this case I believe would alienate the original fans of the books.

As far as the cast goes, I've been thinking of these since the first time I read the books about 4 years ago and here are my thoughts:

Durzo Blint - Viggo Mortensen (I really can't see him being played by anyone else)

Gaelen Starfire/Acaelus Thorne = Liam Neesen

Momma K = Claudia Black

Roth = Michael Pitt 

Solon = Djimon Hounsou 

Godking = Ben Kingsley

Kylar Stern = Jake Gyllenhaal/Jensen Ackles

Hu Gibbet = Tom Hardy/Karl Urban

Neph Dada = Alan Cummings

Logan Gyre = Chris Hemsworth

Wolf = John Hurt

Vi = Kate Beckinsale

Dorian = Wentworth Miller

Since nobody else has, allow me to address your second question!
I'm a female reader. Ironically, it was my boyfriend who introduced me to the series as well. Pretty much, tell her about Vi and she should immediately want to read it. That, and the fact that there's quite a bit of romance in the series to keep a girl interested ;]

If she is any kind of book lover at all, she needs to take a chance on it. If she isn't willing to do that, then she obviously doesn't love books.

If she has ever read Harry Potter and loved them because they are at their core, a story about love being the most powerful magic of all, then she will ADORE these books. Although you may not want to tell her that because that gives away a huge aspect of the book. I cant think of anything a female WOULDNT like about them. honestly. I freaking love these books.

The link you posted in your original is no longer working.

I've looked over a few of the others though, many great suggestions and some outlandish ones but none I've written off. Outlandish casting choices often become the most memorable - i.e.: how many people thought Heath Ledger wasn't going to be able to pull off the Joker?  

One I had always held in my mind but is no longer possible:  Christina Hendricks for Vi.  But younger, think of her appearance on Firefly. An if you haven't seen it, go watch the entire series now (only 13 episodes).

Will smith as Kip, we'll make him younger....with SCIENCE!!

I am a female reader, I love these books.. I found them at a second hand book store but they only had books 2 & 3 but I bought them, I then went to my usual bookstore and picked up the only copy of book 1. I also found The Black Prism a few weeks later, the only copy the bookstore had although I haven't gotten around to reading that yet..

A movie would be great but as long as the casting and direction are done well. There would have to be at least 3 films if not more & I think a mix of Britsh & American cast would be a good casting choice as long as the right people are chosen not Hollywood I think that would ruin the story.. Well that is my opinion anyway..

lol I've managed to convince my girl to read them via making her read a shorter Brandon sanderson book she now will willingly read anything i suggest as she loved The Alloy Of Law so much xP

Making this story into a movie I think would be a very bad idea. The best hope that I can see of this reaching the screen is either in a form of an anime or TV series similar to Game of Thrones. I think then it will give better justice one to the writer for the effort he put into making the stories, and two us the fans by not cutting the story to pieces.


And if your wife still isent reading this, what worked for mine was watching the Game of Thrones and start reading those books.

I do agree with Bianca full heartitly, lesser known actors is the best way of casting this without killing it. Case in point a few examples movies from the fantacy book/gaming world that this has been aparent in, Eragon, Prince of Persia, and The Last Airbender. All which had potential but Hollywood threw it away either to get it out faster or didn't think about casting well enough.


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