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Most likely it's never going to happen but who else wants there to be a real game of nine kings? There aren't many games I get interested in, usually I need a story line to really get into any game. I don't care for video games so those are out, but games from manga keep me interested for a long time. 

If Weeks somehow made a decent version of nine kings online, I would seriously consider paying a beginning fee and monthly subscription, and I hate spending my money considering I don't make much. 

Who else would love to play?

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It sounds like Magic the gathering

Personally I prefer the Babylon 5 CCG to MtG

Even if it never became a true game in of itself, I'd love to see a deck of these as an extra included with the third book (Pre order bonus?).

In my mind the mechanic seemed to be a blend of Magic the Gathering and Dominion. Maybe it would have more extensive color system based on the books, with gameplay similar to Dominion? Dunno, we'll have to consult Weeks.

A deckbuilding game would suit the motif very well. I think having the players build decks while playing is a very powerful way to incorporate the Nine Kings feel into the game. Have you played Ascension? That allows for a alot of singleton things to represent individual characters, whereas dominion and Thunderstone are better suited to generic characters. 

I know some people are saying they'd settle for an online version, I disagree! This card game could be fantastic, I'd want cards that are representing characters and concepts that I love to be tangible. I would buy the crap out of these though.

I think that is a great idea I hate to admit it but I collected yugioh and mtg playing cards. They should definitely make the cards but they would need some way to get the cards to be transferred onto the computer via code or scan because they need both card and online but they should be together as in buying the actual card then putting card on computer

Woah, that's a fantastic idea. I honestly never even considered that, but it would work so very well.

He said in the acknowledgements of The Blinding Knife that he would try to make but that it would be years

As I've said--and as some of you noticed--I would like to make a game somewhat like some of the "German games" (Carcassonne, Catan, etc) and MtG. I have talked to some game makers... but I want to be really involved and make sure it's a good game, not a crappy one. (I played a game licensed from a big-name property and it was terrible, and I hated that, and I don't want to do that to you all.) BUT... my main thing is my novels, and making a game is a year-long+ project. So I'm putting that on the back-burner for a few years. Someday... I hope.

^just take your time to do it right, if it's awesome we will forgive you, if not.... we will probably buy it just to try it, but you won't make as much.  Just make sure it isn't crappy...

I know this thread has been around for awhile but I had an interesting thought today and I felt like sharing! So I was listening to The Blinding Knife GraphicAudio and one of the card scenes (Vox/"Shimmercloack" card scene) came along. I thought that it might be cool that if when Mr. Weeks comes along with the game and the cards are released (either hard-copy or online-version) that each card could have a short story or scene associated with them. Say you had the card "The Color Prince's Rifle" in your procession, you could go on the Nine Kings website where all the cards would be listed and a clickable link could take you to a short scene written by Brent that related to the card (e.g. Koios's first test firing with his brand new custom rifle on some poor soul). It would be like a real-life version of experiencing the cards and would allow for Brent to do some more awesome world/history building! I can only imagine the crazy amount of work that it would be...but honestly how sweet would that be!


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