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Most likely it's never going to happen but who else wants there to be a real game of nine kings? There aren't many games I get interested in, usually I need a story line to really get into any game. I don't care for video games so those are out, but games from manga keep me interested for a long time. 

If Weeks somehow made a decent version of nine kings online, I would seriously consider paying a beginning fee and monthly subscription, and I hate spending my money considering I don't make much. 

Who else would love to play?

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To be honest Nine Kings reminds me of Magic The Gathering, with the character back-stories and whatnot. The timer system in Nine Kings then reminds me of chess. The way Nine Kings is described in the novel is very interesting though.

I wouldn't settle for an online version of the game, I'd want to play with actual paper cards. I quite like the idea of a Nine Kings trading card game xD. Though I'm guessing "The Prism" would be a platinum/limited edition/ultra rare. 

It is like Magic the Gathering. Weeks speaks to this at the end of BL. It would be cool but WOTC would totally freak and Hasbro would be all over us.

Though completely and utterly different, it was inspired by magic the gathering. And Brent plans on the very thing (also at back of blinding knife)

One way to make it avoid comparisons to Magic would be to make it an LCG rather than a CCG 

The LCG format is created by Fantasy Flight Games (the guys who made the Arkham Horror board game and the Twilight Imperium board game)

Basically you don't have to blind buy boosters, when you get a set, you know exactly what cards you are getting and you get multiple copies of each card, so you can focus on building a great deck rather than trying to chase down enough rare and uncommon cards to make your deck work.

(They currently make a Warhammer, LOTR, Call of Cthulhu and Game of Thrones LCG and are working on a Star Wars one as well)

In the meantime, Why don't we speculate how the rules and different card types would work? I'm sure we could improvise until more clarification comes out.

I would settle for a free online version :)

You remember in the acknowledgements at the end Brent said he wanted to make it a real card game right?

i looked at the back that he wants to make it, not clearly stated, he just says -to avoid constant questioning, i want to but will take a few years- didn't catch it the first time. 

for the game for some reason i slightly imagine it as a card game with the characters moving on a board like chess. because the characters need to look at a color to get the token pieces to gather luxin. cant wait till there is more explanation.

I would love to see it.

I would most definitely love to see nine kings made into an actual game. As a matter of fact, I would love to see some of the more artistically inclined, like the ones who have those great art contest entries, take a crack at some of the few cards he described.

I emailed a question a bit ago about this and haven't seen a response (understandably, as there are probably thousands of fan mails). I am a hobbyist game designer with a decent bit of experience play testing a couple different games. I would love to work with Brent and whoever else would be interested in designing this. 

Weeks has said that he based a large majority of Nine Kings off of Magic, so I guess get into that game again.


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