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Brent will be available for an hour just to chat with forum members! He's not publicizing this anywhere else: it's just for you guys. (So if it's just three of us, that's cool. We'll have a good talk.)

This will be taking place at 11:15am-12:15pm Pacific Standard Time.

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Yeah that's Melbourne time.

Brent, I swear to god, every fricken time. Every time that you do something like this, it's when I'm busy. So many days I could do it, but you seem to pick just the days I'm busy..... sigh

Erg, I don't think I can make it either, but I wanted to compliment you on how you wrote the gloss and character list in the omnibus. It's awesome how you can forge a laugh even out of that!

yay i will be there?

btw where will we be?

Trying to figure out what time this is in Australia. Bet it's in the dead hours of the morning....

This works out great for those in the U.K. - it's 7:15pm until 8:15 pm on a Saturday.  I normally miss out on stuff being on the wrong side of the pond, but.... *BIG smile*

Wouldn't matter I'm working anyway :(


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