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In WOS when Dorian and Feir were stealing Curoch Dorian said that the man who would use Curoch wasn't even born yet, but that they were taking it now because they wouldn't have another chance.

Ready for the spoilers?

The man who will use Curoch is Kylar's son, born to Jenine and Logan.

And now here's a question.

Khali drained everyone's glore vyrden in the hall of the winds... so how did anyone have any talent to use in Curoch when they destroyed the krul army?

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I think she drained all of the vurdmeister's glore vyrden, dont hold me to that though! haha.

I'm not to sure about the Curoch idea. Why would Dorian Prophesise about something so far down the line, that holds no relevance to anyone? The Curoch was used for its purpose and everyone lived happily ever after! haha
I believe it has something with the fact that they all fused together as one.
And in reply to Si. Dorian's prophecy about the person being so far down the line, is actually relevant to quite some people, I believe Solon being one of them, because if the One who will wield Curoch is born.. I guess the right thought here is that. It's up to the rest of the people that survive to make sure that the One that wields Curoch isn't corrupt... if that makes sense.
Another explanation of the prophesy could just be that Dorian saw down the line further than anyone and knew the best thing to do would be to tell those people in advance, since they would be in positions to do something about the One, when he or she arrives.
Dorian saw many things that could not possibly be relevant to anyone in the series. He saw the past a lot, and sometimes he saw thousands of years in the future. And regardless of whether or not Kylar's son is "relevant" (which I think he is), he doesn't have to be, because it will be a new series, connected to, but not a part of the Night Angel trilogy. It's called foreshadowing. Doesn't it make you want to read the new series even more?

I'm still getting over the fact that Kylar has a son :p
...either way, I hope Kylar and Elene's son doesn't turn out evil and become an antagonist in the new series lol...that would be one thing that could annoy me greatly :\ :p
I don't think that she drained anyone's glore vyrden the vir was destroyed as she died. Because the vir latches onto your talent when it was destroyed and so were the vurdmeisters. Dorian was able to escape though because he had ripped the vir out of himself before .
Honestly it seemed like, I haven't read it in awhile so I dont have the exact terms, the creature that guards all those magical items is beyond anything else in the world. Otherwise, with all the power that Khali and the vur hold why didn't they ever go try to retrieve such a treasure hold? The fact that the creature was also able to bypass the entire army and get to that sword says a great deal too. So maybe it was the creature that did all the work? The others just managed to channel that creature's energy.
Good never really thought about that......
The hunter, a highly magical creature channeling all of its magic through curoch for a brief moment. Dorian was in touch with curoch with one hand, and in the other he held the staff of law. He just channeled the magic from the hunter and used it as he wanted.
Also the hunter is a transformation of an old godking, Royagris Ursuul. He had the vir in him, right?! So when the vir was destroyed, what happened to the hunter??

The Hunter was not Roygaris, he was Ezra, or rather, "Ezra's hubris". The Wolf is the rest of Ezra. The Wolf and the Hunter are linked and the Wolf must battle for control every day.

The Hunter would have been unaffected by the destruction of the Vir, and presumably took Curoch back into Ezra's wood.

Or the Hunter is an amalgamation of "The reaver" and Ezra.

Durzo said Roygaris made himself into something new during the battle called the reaver. That he was the first one to even wound it and that its blood gave him permanent pockmarks on his face.

He also said Ezra defeated it and dragged it alive back to Ezra's wood. And that 50 years later, there was a power struggle of some sort, and that since then, everything entering the wood has died. Ezra is certainly part of the hunter, but the other half is certainly Roygaris


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