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I just read the email sent out by brent weeks about pre ordering his book it was funny. Infact i liked it so much i did just that a hard copy of his book is no on hold for me. Even though i plan on getting it in audible (simply so i can read it at midnight or shortly after since im being forced to wait until the 25th already) i have put over 100 hours in the worlds brent weeks makes over the years i have read him. So buying a hard cover plus what ever else i get is fine, and i can give it as a gift to a freind (just the fourth book so he/she will have to buy the 3 other books beforehand hahaha). Why am i taking time out of my day to wright this. Simply becouse i enjoyed the way he did the email i could tell he put time into it.... So i will too ill send facebook massage to my friends and do the word of mouth thing. I hope anyone that reads this will do the same.

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