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Just finished "Beyond the Shadows" and absolutely loved the book. All three books I finished in a week, yes I don't really do anything at work. :) I NEED this trilogy to turn into a series. PLEASE continue with the Black Ka'kari. PLEASE continue with Kylar, Azoth, Kage, Night Angel!!! If you're in support of continuing the story of the Black Ka'kari PLEASE reply to this so we can show Brent we NEED him to continue with the story. How about a country tries to invade on Logans reign. Or the Lae'knaught are upset how they were treated and wish to uprise against Logan. Or heck just a story of how Kylar spends time with Vi and Logan raises "his" sons. PLEASE!!!!!

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I know right , makes me kinda mad.

Whoo, this is an old thread. Brent will be returning to Midcyru after he finishes Lightbringer. The book will be set at one of a few points (there were a few he was looking at within about 20 years or so from the end of Beyond the Shadows from memory, I think atm he's leaning towards picking it up immediately after Nightangel though). Some characters from NA will be present and involved but not sure how much, looks like Kylar's going to be involved at least somewhat though =D Pretty safe bet that the main plot will involve some of the prophecies we see in NA that haven't played out yet.

There is also a prequel novella to the trilogy, Perfect Shadow, about Gaelan Starfire becoming Durzo, and a short story about Kylar set sometime after Beyond the Shadows which you might be interested in hunting up if you haven't already.

I assume we will see another trilogy.

Dorian continually said the boy who needs to wield curoch has not been born yet and had visions of times later(Most think it is one of the kids in Jenine's belly). Other sources kept pointing to a time 15-20 years down the road(Ezra said in the final meeting with Kylar that the gates of Hell were bound for another 15-20 years)

I personally can't wait

Yes im hoping Kylars son is this prophesied one and that Kylar and Vi are finally together!!

Like come on Brent she was like the best female character i have ever read!!


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