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I was able to purchase a copy of The Broken Eye that was signed.  Will this be available as well for The Blood Mirror?  If so, do you know when you will have details on how to purchase?



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Hi Brian,

We do have details on two ways to purchase a signed copy of The Blood Mirror-- we'll announce those in the next couple of weeks, hopefully (we're waiting on the publisher to confirm when we can announce). Stayed tuned -- we'll announce on the website and social media!

Perfect, good to hear.  Anxiously awaiting book 4.


Hi Brian,

We now have an option for signed pre-orders available:

We'll be posting another option tomorrow on the website/social media as well!

Ordered.  Thanks!

Ordered a couple of the B&N signed copies... Any personalized version ordering options coming ;-) ?

Need another book tour in the UK.  Brighton was far too long ago!



Here is our personalized version option! 

Awesome!  I'll hit up Shawn's website later this week.

Thanks!  Dazen needs his signed versions for when he's old enough to read them.  Although it will probably be a holographic movie on his personal communications device in 13 years! 

Now I just need to get The Blinding Knife and The Broken Eye personalized for him...he has the reissued Black Prism.




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