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So now that we know that kip can see/draft paryl, I was looking back at the bit about him and the Gargantua fight. 

Page 519 TBK

"Woosh. The world looked beyond real.Kip realized he was seeing the whole spectrum at once. He could see dozens of guns. The skimmer was directly broadside to the Gargantua. And he could see the glow of men, the glow of matches and slow fuses. He could see the gleam of metal on the powder barrels through the open gun-ports, could see straight through the smoke.

He swept a hand out and fanned superviolet strands like spiderwebs out to every gun and barrel he could see. The superviolet was so fast and light, it hit its targets almost the instant he choice them. Then he swept his hand back, releasing little bursts of fire-crystals to hot they burned his hand even as he shot them out at unbelievable speed.

(. . .) The roar ripped over the Blackguards and Kip Blinked. Time was back. He was back. "

While a lot of us assume that this passage indicates his ability to lightsplit, I think we should look at it a little more closely. Especially this line here: "could see straight through the smoke." 

Neither Sub-red nor SV would allow him to do this but 1 colour would. Paryl. Kip saw Paryl while attacking the boat. His lenses don't see paryl and wouldn't allow him to see through the smoke with the clarity described in the passage. 

So what do you guys think? If Mr. Weeks is kind enough, did I spot something? Or am I crazy?

I would also point out that Kip hasn't been forced to lightsplit yet and if you have a crutch (lenses) you are less likely to use what you've got!

Hopefully no one else has posted this yet!

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When Kip actually does see Paryl in book 4, the book says that Kip pushed his eyes so far in order to see it that it physically hurt. At no point in that excerpt do I recall Kip's eye's hurting from the effort of reaching a full dilation to see Paryl.

He might not necessarily need to dilate his eyes if he is lightsplitting. The other option is using chi to see through, his eyes would have peen exceedingly tight then but I'd imagine that it has to do with the actual splitting of light at that point in time. he could feel the *entire spectrum* after all.
It is also said about chi in the glossary that chi drafters say it is even better at looking through walls and finding metal than Paryl so it could be Chi instead. Not sure about him lightsplitting though. With him using both sub red and super violet in that scene, since he was already working the outer edges of the spectrum, he could have gone either way for the instant he needed. And the specs don't really help draft the outer edges as much as they "help find a good source." Super violets and sub reds don't really need specs to find their light
Honestly, the argument for him to not lightsplitting at this passage does seem shakey to me. IF he didn't lightsplitting, what was the purpose of writing the passage? at any other time, we read him having to gather the luxin. This time he does it while feeling the entire spectrum at once? AND why say that he could feel the whole spectrum if he just cast subred abd SV? We know from Teia that lightsplitting involves "feeling" the light. The passage states Kip feels it.

Other than that, nothing else really explains how he saw through the smoke.

I agree with SirLoki, I think he was using Chi. It lines up better and if he's splitting light (which I think he was), he's using chi through paryl. And does Chi equate to White Luxin as the pure or good side as Dazen as Gavin drafted when trying to save Garriston with his pure heart (but probably got tumors). Obversely Paryl giving the empathic abilities when using rage and hate to draft the memory obliterating Black Luxin?


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