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Hello all!
I was just wondering who the strongest Mage is in the Night Angel trilogy is.
There always seems to be parts saying either Solon or Vi is super strong, but then times when Dorian is above Solon?
I was wondering if anyone could give me a top 10 list of strongest Talents in the series, with 1 being the strongest? Alt of confusion after final spell with Curoch.
Thanks guys!
( ps this is not including Royaris, Jorsin, Ezra or and of the Champions of Light who don't appear!)

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Was about to post Jorsin when I read that last line. 

This is all rough guesswork, but here:

I think we have Kylar at 1, once he can use the ka'kari. He's that strong that people find it actually frightening when they examine his Talent.

2. Either Dorian or Vi - while Solon has more Talent than Dorian naturally, Dorian's has somehow been strengthened by the vir. 

3. Whichever of the above 2 is weaker.

4. Solon.

5. And beyond: No idea. Sister Ariel was meant to be pretty strong, and all the members of that embassy from Sho-whatever-it-was that watched the battle in Cenaria were meant to be pretty powerful.

Durzo probably fits in there somewhere, but I never really got a good sense of how powerful he was, because he never seemed to use anything like his full power, and so much of what he did he did by knowledge and experience rather than raw power.

I'm assuming in this list we're only interested in those who wield the Talent, not the vir.

What if u count the novella?

What about in terms of sword play

Sword-play: He was asking about Talent, not sheer ability to do violence. There Durzo wins by miles.

The novella. Right. Forgot that existed. You know, I'm still not sure what his reserves of power were like, I don't think he ever went through his whole glore vyden, and I can't remember any particular displays of large amounts of Talent. Most of the impressive stuff he did didn't involve that much Talent from memory. I think I'm going to need to reread that. Everything about it is kinda vague in my memory.

To figure this out you may want to address the final battle, there is a short description of the type of power each character has as they touch Curoch. I dont have time right now to look into it, but roughly from memory i would say,

1. Durzo

2. Kylar

3. Vi

4. Solon

5. Dorian

6. Ariel

However, I do think I should point out that there are loads of really strong Vurmiesters with most 11th and 12th Shu'ra people being almost equivalent to Ariel, but that isnt really fair as they are sort of awarded that power by Khali. 

Also important is that whilst not that strong now, Uly is said to have talent that in the future will make Vi look insignificant, with her maybe being the first (along with Kylar) Archmages of recent times.

Good point on Uly, I forgot about her. I guess because she doesn't do anything in that trilogy.

I didn't think that description was about their Talent, since wasn't there a description of the sound of someone without the Talent? And I think I remember some of the less Talented people also having very significant contributions. But I'd also need to reread it.

1- Kylar
2- Durzo
3- Khali (I forgot her real name)
4- Viridana (I like her full name :3)
5- Solon

I don't know about anyone else but those are the main maja so yeah. Dorian isn't even strong really. It was stunted by him not using the vir for so long

Khali's a tricky one, given that we don't know much about what she could do while she was just Trace, and once she's Khali she can draw on all these other people for power. She would have been powerful as Trace I'm assuming, given that she associated with the likes of Jorsin Alkestes, but that's irrelevant as the OP was only about mages of this age.

In the chapter at Screaming Winds where Khali attempts to win Solon over to her side we find out that Dorian was able to use the vir to strengthen his Talent, and that as a result he is even more Talented than Solon - but before he used the vir to expand his Talent, he wasn't even exceptionally Talented. 

Correct me if i'm wrong but Maja is just female talent users isn't it?


I believe so. I was just going to let it slide in case I'm wrong though.

In regards to your second post, I remember Feir specifically said he was really weak (might have been only just strong enough to scrape into the schools, I can't remember exactly).

Don't forget Ariel herself has a fair amount of power and is one of the most powerful surviving female mages.

yeah i know i'm skipping over her because she never really demonstrated much power other than when she bound kylar I think I'd prbably rank her tentatively (sorry if my spelling sucks there) in with solon but I'd definitely put Dorian higher as much as i hate him#


Yeah I honestly couldn't remember if there was a term for both. I thought it was that. Yes Ariel is strong but those five are the big superpowers of the story besides jorsin and Ezra themselves.


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