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The Blinding Knife (may contain spoilers) ya but the real one is in the next book

Got the book today as soon as the book store opened made it to page 120 at the start of chapter 30, wow. Only stopping to move my head every few chapters.... it rocks, not my head the book.

I waited 9 hours till Brent came in to do a reading and sign books for the release and it was worth the wait. He read from the third book in the series called, for now, The Blood Mirror; and oh my freaking god I can not not believe what he has done in the first half of this next book. I would really hate to give it away so all I will say is.... No he really has no problem killing characters. Like we had in NAT even if Durzo's didn't stick Jarl's did. He said that it will be 12-18 months before it comes out but you have to go and be there when he reads the chapter from the Blood Mirror to believe for yourself.

I think some people where crying.

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urgh not fair i can't get to any of his readings here in the uk i don't have the green

Just draft some more, no biggie.  :D

Yeh I know how you fill I live in Australia so the only way I would be able to be at a reading would be a not so short flight to the UK or the US.

And silly me i left my spare few thousand dollars in my other pair of jeans : )

All I can hope is that once his book tours are done he posts it on one of his website (hint. hint.)

Maybe he was joking... :-/

I'm crying. I can barely stand 12 months. 18!?

Meh. Good books take time. Every author can't be a Brandon Sanderson or Jim Butcher.

Funny I kept reading through blinding knife expecting karris, dazen or ironfist to die cause it seemed like they I have to go through that torture again in the 3rd book :(....and yh it sucks that there are no readings in the UK

aggghhh. how much of the book did he read?  and can you tell me how many characters died in the part he read?

One chapter.

and; one for certain, two depending on how bad it turned out.

thanks for the reply Mav Rick, hope its not gavin :(

Oh my god. I want to know. message with what he said? Please? I couldn't afford to drive 5 hours to the nearest signing ;_;

im dying to know who it is, can you message me the info  please


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