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Check out the cover for the final book of The Lightbringer Series!!

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I am soooooo excited!!!


When is it coming out?  Is the Amazon timetable of November correct?  Is it coming out it August/September like the last ones did?  

When Brent Weeks!  When!

Thanking you in advance...

Those Amazon timetables are basically made up if they predate a publisher date, and they have an issue with not updating their dates.

On checking their listings on Orbit's website and the schedulie, it suggests the Blood Mirror is currently scheduled for October 25th this year.

Holy Shit. Holy Shit. Holy Shit. Holy Shit. Holy Shit. 

This looks amazing.

Looks sooo good! Can't wait to get my hands on it (and all of the other pages as well, of course)

Is he standing on the Everdark gates?

That's Interesting!

Oooh, I think you might be right there! =O Good thinking/well-spotted! Wonder if this means there will be some sort of invasion from beyond the gates? Or maybe something to do with Liv seeing as she's there? Or maybe someone'll have to go beyond them for some reason? 

Brent Weeks has been building up the Angari for awhile, there has been several mentions of a threat from beyond the ever dark gates. There is an announcement coming soon on Blood Mirror it might not be that far away... so excited...

I kind of remember something about an armada waiting beyond the gates? Or the Lightbringer would just open them or something in the end? For all we know, the gates might've been opened or destroyed or whatever already. The sea demon-sperm whale clash near the Chromeria on the equinox day's kind of proof. Sperm whales were sea demons' only natural enemies and were long thought to be extinct according to a Greyling brother and suddenly one shows up to save the lily's stem? Proof that the gates have been opened or there is a way to "shoot the Everdark gates" as the Angari did? Still, nothings clear for me even after reading and rereading all three books. So I'm gonna have to rereread them all before the last books out.

An armada beyond the gates has been mentioned twice that I can think of. Once, when someone (I can't remember who, maybe Andross?) was being dismissive of the idea of one,mentioning that some ex-Prism who attempted to get himself named Promachos (I think successfully, but I can't quite remember) by spreading fear about an armada lying in wait beyond the Gates that never materialised. The other time was by the captain of the Angari ship Gunner captured (The Bitter Cob), saying he was a part of the [colour I can't remember] God's fleet and talking a bit about that.

"Thought to be extinct" does not necessarily mean extinct, especially when it comes to creatures that live in the ocean or in inaccessible/sparsely populated places, so while the Sperm Whale's appearance is highly suggestive that the Cerulean Sea is not so much of a closed system as is widely considered, I wouldn't call it proof. Also it's entirely possible that a whale could gain access where a ship could not. Also also also while the possibility of individual ships "shooting the gates" is well and truly established, I suspect that the point of the gates might be more that they make a full-scale invasion impossible/impractical as you'd lose too many ships and it'd take way too long to get them all through. We just still don't know enough about them and how they work for me to say anything for sure though!

Atleast we know for sure thatKip is the lightbringer.


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