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Check out the cover for the final book of The Lightbringer Series!!

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It might've been a paryl djinn and what about the man calling Teia a goddess?

That guy must have been a member of the Broken Eye... i can't think who else he may be..

The DeadMan the real Gavin was talking to in his prison might have also been a Djinn and the adult Mina hallucination that Samila Sayeh was talking to as well...

Yeah maybe, Murder sharp says the First ones used men for waging wars or something In his creation story so it is possible.
In the Broken Eye's second epilogue, Gavin wakes up to find his eye bandaged and realizes that he is in the repaires blue cell. He also thinks that his father must know the truth as the cell's been repaired which means he would have found the real Gavin's corpse.He stared at the the wall and there was a dead man staring back at him in it. So, if the real Gavin had Infused so much will into the wall,how did the dead man get to the next cell with him when he escaped? Maybe it was a djinn influencing him or he was just frothing mad. But how did Gavin used the same term-a dead man-as the real Gavin did?
Did you guys get Murder Sharp's creation story? He says the Lightbearer created men from the Light he stole from Orholam and that men are the mirror image of Orholam and that the smudges show the flaws of the original and not the copies. So that means Orholam is flawed? He says that Orholam tries to chain light with his prisms and that he and the Lightbearer have been at war since then. I also remember something like,"The Lightbearer and his host are the gods of old". Can someone explain it to me? The Lightbeare is the lightbringer or is he a different entity?

Yeah, I'm not sure how much to take away from Sharp's story. I think there was probably some truth there, but it'll all be interpreted through the lens of his particular brand of crazy. 

My belief is that the Lightbearer is Abaddon and a separate entity to the Lightbringer, and that when Abaddon calls himself the Lightbringer either he was messing with Kip's head, wants people to believe he's the Lightbringer, genuinely believes he is the Lightbringer, or hopes to really become the Lightbringer. Or perhaps he was once destined to be the Lightbringer, before he rebelled against Orholam?


Is it out in October? Im still hoping for a April release XD

Wasn't there supposed to be some announcement last month?  Did I miss it?

Yay! the long awaited final chapter. It's great to see it is almost here.


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