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So I re-read the series again, and the blue wight killing Sevastian still irks me. It seems to random and purposeful at the same time. There is a deeper significance, but I can't think of any. Any ideas?

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There have been a couple of discussions on that here, I'll see if I can dig them up for you. From memory theories I've seen are that Andross had it done by someone to use him as a sacrifice for the Blinder's Knife, that the wight was someone out for revenge on the Guile's, that it knew about the prophecy Dazen-who-became-Gavin had hoped Sevastien would fulfill, and that Dazen-who-became-Gavin killed Sevastien himself upon drafting Blue for the first time and then blocked it out from the trauma or something, substituting a Blue wight for himself in his memory (I don't find that one very plausible).

A thread on this topic:

The one with the weird theory that it was actually Dazen that killed Sevastien:

So my issue with the Sacrifice theory is that Sevastian was too young to show what colors he could draft, right? So I don't think he was draining the colors with the blinder's knife. However, I think there is some evidence for the sacrifice due to familial relations.  I think a previous prism was a White Oak (known to have several kids) and also Aris (sp.) Green (the one who is serially pregnant). If becoming an artificial prism, through the blinder's knife, requires a familial sacrifice, that is further evidence.

Yeah, Sevastien was still just a kid, so I don't see how they could have known whether he could draft at all, let alone what colours.

I don't really think we've seen anything to suggest that becoming Prism requires familial sacrifice, but if so then yeah, that could make sense.


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