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Hello friends!

Since some of you are already getting copies of The Broken Eye, I thought we should start this thread early. Basically, if you notice any typos, spelling or grammar errors or the like, please let us know! Post a comment to this thread along with a page number and the complete sentence where you noticed the issue.

This will be a big help to us in fixing errors in the reprint. Though we (Brent's publisher, Brent, me, beta readers) have gone over the book with a fine-toothed comb many times, at almost 800 pages there will likely be a few things we didn't catch.

Thanks in advance for your help!

(And let your fellow Broken Eye-reading-friends know about this thread too!)

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you sure worried me with that title Capslock, I thought there was a huge error you already noticed with the pre-order.  Maybe change to include the word "Notification" or "Report"/"Reporting" after or before error in it?

first spoiler in thread spotted: "at almost 800 pages" JK, but seriously, consider title rewording.

Done. :) 

Ha, good point! Xavri, thanks for changing it. :)

That's what I am here for! That, and swinging the e-maul at spam accounts. :D

Not a typo but... in chapter 2 Gavin reminicences on how he should've done differently about Andross and Kip, and in chapter 4 he doesn't remember how he got to be on Gunner's ship. Isn't that a bit contrary?

Chapter 4 page 2 on wattpad: The sailors pulled him to his feet and pulled to him to the prow. 

Too many to's, right?

The same page:

It was, of course, the part of Dazen and Gavin's meeting that Gavin Guile - the real Gavin Guile - would have heard about.

Should be Gunner's

Chapter 5 page, not entirely sure of this one

Though they were constantly reminded that they hadn't taken full vows and were thus not full Blackguards yet, that didn't mean the Blackguards watered down the nunks' exercises.

Aren't  inductees called runks?

Pretty sure they're nunks. If they were called runks elsewhere, that was probably the mistake.

This one's right as it is, actually. Gunner's trying to test real-Dazen's memory to make sure he's not real-Gavin pretending to be real-Dazen. Gunner hasn't accepted any of the evidence real-Dazen has given him that he isn't really Gavin despite it being highly unlikely real-Gavin would know of these things, and then to test that he's really not real-Gavin presents the one test that real-Gavin would actually have been able to pass.

I suspect my explanation was totally unhelpful, but anyway.

Chapter 20 Page 149 in the Nook version.

Adross says "I want none innocent to suffer." 

I don't know if that's intentional but it really pulled me out and made me read it a few times.

Not quite sure what threw you here. This is grammatically correct, though archaic. Andross uses both correct grammar and archaisms frequently.

Sorry if it was jarring for you.


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