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Hello friends!

Since some of you are already getting copies of The Broken Eye, I thought we should start this thread early. Basically, if you notice any typos, spelling or grammar errors or the like, please let us know! Post a comment to this thread along with a page number and the complete sentence where you noticed the issue.

This will be a big help to us in fixing errors in the reprint. Though we (Brent's publisher, Brent, me, beta readers) have gone over the book with a fine-toothed comb many times, at almost 800 pages there will likely be a few things we didn't catch.

Thanks in advance for your help!

(And let your fellow Broken Eye-reading-friends know about this thread too!)

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In the ebook version (I downloaded for both kindle and ibooks store) the italicization for characters' thoughts is missing. So everything is plain text. So characters will be going in third person "Gavin did this, he did that" and then suddenly "I am an idiot. I should have done this." will pop up, but there won't be italics like in previous books. Is that normal?

That's just his style , right?  Brandon Sanderson's assistant put up a review where he mentions this specifically as a Weeks quirk.

Do you have a link to the review, or know any way to find it? It's really disconcerting for me to read it where it suddenly changes between third person and first person in the space of a sentence. I'm not talking about the chapters that are entirely in first person, like Broken Eye chapter 13 ~The Ex-Prist~. I'm talking more about what happens similar in chapter 4, where the chapter is entirely third person, then suddenly " “So I die with an apple in my mouth. My father would have some words about this, no doubt. And Karris will be rightly furious.” (It's not dialogue though). Usually that would be in italics, but it's not here. It's pulls me out when I'm reading.


I actually find it really weird reading Sanderson and Jordan (particularly Jordan) where these things are in italics. It's just a different style, both of which are acceptable and have their merits. 

I used italics for thoughts in Night Angel. Didn't here. I understand it can be odd for those who have only read books where thoughts are always put in italics. It allowed me a certain fluidity in how close of a focus the narrative has. In film terms, it allows me to move the camera closer and farther away at whim.

I just trust you to follow me. :)

On page 126 in the hardcover book It's written that Arys Sub-red asked "Why can't we name a new prism?" when it was mentioned before that she was not there and doesn't enter the chamber until page 129 "As Kip stepped out, Arys Sub-red came in the door, heavily pregnant and winded." Just wondering if it was a mix up with names. 

Yes this bugged me a lot.

This is the biggest continuity error in the book. It's fixed now. In revisions, a line of dialogue was simply attributed wrongly to a character who wasn't there yet! Arrrgh. Future printings will have the correct attribution.

Is Enki Hammer a joke?  Did Brent Really make a sound alike for MC Hammer?

So, what I noticed so far isn't a typo, but perhaps an omission from the glossary.

Wyrthig is italicized and somewhat hinted at its meaning on page 84, but there is no definition in the glossary(at least on the hardcover it is not in Alphabetical order in the glossary, I haven't searched more thoroughly)

on a side note, thanks for the name change , it is much better now, and thanks for the good work with getting rid of those Advert poster trolls


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