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Hello friends!

Since some of you are already getting copies of The Broken Eye, I thought we should start this thread early. Basically, if you notice any typos, spelling or grammar errors or the like, please let us know! Post a comment to this thread along with a page number and the complete sentence where you noticed the issue.

This will be a big help to us in fixing errors in the reprint. Though we (Brent's publisher, Brent, me, beta readers) have gone over the book with a fine-toothed comb many times, at almost 800 pages there will likely be a few things we didn't catch.

Thanks in advance for your help!

(And let your fellow Broken Eye-reading-friends know about this thread too!)

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I don't recall where it was, exactly, but in Broken Eye, it at one point has a brief flashback of the battlefield at Sunder Rock where Gavin and Dazen fought, and alludes to his using the black luxin to win the battle.

Then later, it states that he uses black luxin for the first time after his first Sun-Day shriving.

Anybody else pick up on that, and have the same sense of contradiction?  Feel free to correct me.  Will look for those pages again.

sorry to disappoint rich, on the first freeing flashback it specifically states "for the first time since he unleashed hell", not "for the first time", unless there is a second flashback later in the book to that shriving.

Good, good. :)

Yep! Not an error. :)


The hardback cover, inside front says 'The Broken Eye continues the David Gemmel Legend Award-winning Lighbringer series which..........' Er? I thought Brent Weeks wrote Lightbringer! Both are great writers of fantasy but different people, besides, Gemmel would have known 'colour' has a U In, lol x

Also the character Jumber is called Jumper at one point, can't remember where but will ed post when I find it on my 2nd reading :-) x

"The Broken Eye continues the David Gemmel Legend Award-Winning Lightbringer series" as in, The Broken Eye continues the Lightbringer series, which won the David Gemmel Legend Award. It is correct and does make sense (barely), but it's a very convoluted and difficult to read sentence because of all the names, and makes absolutely no sense whatsover if you don't already know how these names fit together or what they refer to. I did a bit of double take upon reading it, even though it's the standard sentence structure for that sort of thing.

Ah! Lol. Should have seen that! There's a large amount of ambiguity in the sentence, I'm sure I'm not the only one to miss read it! 

Yeah, it's sort of excruciatingly correct. I would have preferred "the Legend award-winning Lightbringer series" because, you know, the series won the Legend Award. But technically, it's not the Legend award. It's "the David Gemmell Legend award". I'm a David Gemmell fan, and a supporter of the award, which I think fills an important gap in the current awards line-up... but yeah, this sentence got ugly.

Ch 48, p 333, Norl Jumber becomes Norl Jumper! :-) x

I believe that is intentional, Big Leo corrects the speaker as he got the name wrong. It was meant to highlight how impersonal and nonchalant the speaker was being about the deaths of the Blackguards.

Yep, not wrong. Or that is, wrong on purpose. The speaker is wrong, but the text isn't a mistake.

Chapter 42. Pg 290 hardback. ' knew me a smith wos woeking on the idear' shouldn't it be 'idea'?


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