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Hello friends!

Since some of you are already getting copies of The Broken Eye, I thought we should start this thread early. Basically, if you notice any typos, spelling or grammar errors or the like, please let us know! Post a comment to this thread along with a page number and the complete sentence where you noticed the issue.

This will be a big help to us in fixing errors in the reprint. Though we (Brent's publisher, Brent, me, beta readers) have gone over the book with a fine-toothed comb many times, at almost 800 pages there will likely be a few things we didn't catch.

Thanks in advance for your help!

(And let your fellow Broken Eye-reading-friends know about this thread too!)

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*knew me a smith who was working on the idear

Not an error. Denotes a regional dialect. But thanks!

Chapter 89: From a the Ebook version from google books.
"Kip shifted the counterweights. He remembered it requiring more weight the last time he and Teia had taken the lift with just the two of them"

This sentence is weird.
It is just the two of them in the lift.
Why is there extra weight?

Seems there should be a Shimmer Cloak in the lift with them.
But there isn't.
At least one didn't show up in the scene.

Seems like it might be left over from a earlier revision perhaps where Murder Sharp kills the White in front of Kip and Teia, rather than setting a delayed kill.

Or there is a another Shimmerclock up to something else entirely, and we will find out in the next book

it says Last time, when murder sharp was there

Ah, I misread it as "more weight than the last time." Thanks.

All of these are from the Kindle eBook version:

1. Chapter 1, Location 94. Right after the White shouts for Cannon Island to fire on the sea demon, the following sentence appears: Cannon Island sat in the bay on the opposite the Lily's Stem. It should read: Cannon Island sat in the bay on the opposite side of the Lily's Stem. The odd thing is that this sentence appears in its correct form in the Preview of Chapter 1 of The Broken Eye that appeared in The Blinding Knife.

2. Chapter 5, Location 510, while Teia is trying to overhear the conversations between Andross and Grinwoody: Andross and Grinwoody had worked together so long that their speech was lacunic, full of understood ellipses. I checked several dictionaries and I could find no such word as "lacunic." I believe "laconic" was the intended word. Or if an adjectival derivative of "lacuna" was intended, then these are the accepted ones I was able to find in various dictionaries: lacunar, lacunary, lacunate, lacunal, lacunose.

3. Chapter 8, Location 654, shortly after Teia is bumped by a man: She hadn't even see the man. Shouldn't that be "seen" instead of "see"?

4. Chapter 8, Location 709, while Teia is waiting in the brewery (the Maiden's Kiss): She knew being aware but loose was faster, but there no way she could find that calm right now. There should be a "was" between "there" and "no way."

I am just starting Chapter 9, and will continue searching for errors as I read. By the way, it should be very easy to make corrections to the Kindle version. Will this be done? If so, how does one get the corrected version? 


Continuing from my last post:

5. Chapter 12, Location 1133, just before Kip starts a fire by scratching his buckle against flint: If he could punch himself in the stupid, he would knock it to Sun Day. This sentence doesn't make any sense to me; it appears to be missing a noun following the word "stupid"; i.e., whatever noun the adjective "stupid" is supposed to be modifying.

^it isn't supposed to be modifying a noun, he is saying he knows he was stupid and wishes to physically remove it.  Is there anything you can think of to remove stupidity physically?

remove your brain... more crazy

remove privates...(less drive to say certain things that are crazy but also lose drive in general as well as any chance at reproduction)

in short there is no physical object he can challenge to remove it, but he wishes he could externalize it so he could.

Oh, okay, I get it. Thanks.

This is an accidental repeat post that I can't seem to delete.

Continuing with my list of what I think are errors, with all of them again from the Kindle eBook version:

6. Chapter 26, third sentence of the second paragraph. at Location 2828: When they’d infiltrated the city, he hadn’t worn his lucky cape because it was too distinctive, but usually he didn’t go anywhere with it. From the context it’s clear that the sentence should instead be: When they’d infiltrated the city, he hadn’t worn his lucky cape because it was too distinctive, but usually he didn’t go anywhere without it.

7. Chapter 36, Location 3949, during the conversation that ensues after Andross asks Kip to tell him what he thinks needs fixing: Kip couldn’t help but get in the little jab about Andross hiring that assassin from the Order, Mistress Helel, Kip saw Grinwoody tense, but Andross didn’t miss a beat. I believe this is a run-on sentence, and instead of a comma, there should be a period (or perhaps a semicolon) after "Helel."

8. Chapter 39, Location 4340, when Gavin is trying to get Antonius to stab him with the musket-sword: He lofted the sword and extended it toward Gavin’s chest. The verb “loft” means to propel something aloft. I don’t think that’s what Antonius is doing here; he’s not tossing or throwing the sword into the air. I think “lofted” should be corrected to “lifted” or "raised."

9. Chapter 40, eleventh paragraph, at Location 4416: Cruxer said, “I sort of had this picture of the greens worship—” There should be an apostrophe at the end of “greens.”

10. Chapter 40, Location 4466. During a squad meeting, Kip and Cruxer are debating the merits and evils of reading the restricted books, and just after Cruxer says, “The best thing these books can do is teach us forbidden magic,” Teia interjects that they need this knowledge for defense and asks: “How we can defend against what we don’t even know?” The sentence should instead read: “How can we defend against what we don’t even know?” I.e., the order of “can” and “we” needs to be reversed.  

11. Chapter 41, Location 4524, just after Mistress Kalligenaea tells Kip she worked with and taught the Prism, and that luxin makes sense to him, she says: Karris tells me you're same. There's a "the" missing before the word "same."

12. Chapter 41, Location 4655, during the description of "The Special" that is assigned to Squad Vav: If they were not caught, they were show their loot to a full Blackguard who would be in the market. There's a "to" missing before "show."

13. The very next sentence of Chapter 41, at Location 4656 reads: Squad He was then to put it all back, again without the merchant noticing. This sentence is clearly some kind of mistake. Either the word “Squad” should be deleted, or there are words missing between “Squad” and “He.”

14. Chapter 46, Location 5233. While Eirene Malargos is questioning Gavin Guile, she says: “Gavin Guile, I want to know your plan. I want to know how you define victory so that when, against all odds, you achieve it, it tastes like water in the mouth of drowning man.” There should be an “a” before the word “drowning.” 

Oops. With regard to my previous post: Never mind the supposed error that is numbered 13. I just realized that "Squad He" is the name of the squad, "He" being the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. My apologies, and I am glad it's not an error after all. So much for something being "clearly some kind of mistake."


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