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Hi Mr. Weeks - I just finished the Blood Mirror and the Lightbringer series is one of my all time favorite series. You've created a fascinating world with a deep mythology, engaging characters, and a very structured magic system. I've been playing role-playing games since I was about 12. As I was reading the books, I kept thinking about how amazing the series would be as a role-playing game or a campaign setting. Have you ever thought about developing the series into an RPG? The Lightbringer world would also make an amazing campaign setting for an existing RPG like Pathfinder or the Cypher System (creating a campaign setting for an existing game system might have the advantage of pulling in a larger audience for the product). You could probably raise the money to create the campaign setting via a Kickstarter campaign. I know I'd back it. Another possible way to make it happen would be to license to characters out to an existing RPG company. I know Green Ronin Publishing has made a Game of Thrones RPG and also made some great supplements based on the Wild Card series edited by George R.R. Martin for a gaming system called Mutants and Masterminds. Just a thought/dream! Regardless, the series is amazing.

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Oh man, I'm already doing a d10 Role Playing Game called "The Seven Satrapies" (original uh). But it's not based on Pathfinder or Cypher. 

I recomend you to take a look at Mage: The Ascencion system. It could be more or less easyly adapted to Lightbringer.

I can give you more information about what I'm doing, like the character sheet. 

Even though, excuse my english, it's not my mother language and may be errors, but I think I can understand almost everything and if a commit a failure you could get the information.

You (and everybody who want it here) could help me with the system i'm working on, in numbers, technical things, improving translations or whatever.



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