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id like to create the same society as in the book and get all info on the incarnations of durzo blint. please dont leave info if its already here unless you correcting an old post

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Durzo's first name was Acaelus Thorne, as you know lol. All the names, that we know of, that Acaelus has had over the centuries include:

Galean Starfire,
Ferric Fireheart,
Garric Shadowbane,
Hrothran Steelbender,
Vin Craysin,
Tal Drakkan,
Yric the Black,
Zak Eurthkin,
Rebus Nimble,
Qos Delanoesh,
X!rutic Ur,
Mir Graggor,
Pips McClawski,
Dav Slinker,
Oturo Kenji,
Durzo Blint.

He is my favourite character! next to Lantano Garuwashi.. haha hope this has helped!
i cant remember his name but i believe you forgot the ymurri stalker that he was for a time?
Dehvirahaman ko Bruhmaeziwakazari. Call him Dehvi. ;)
oh true! hahha thanks for catching me on that one guys ! :D
Durzo Blint was actually supposed to be Durzo Flint (which Kylar agrees makes a lot more sense...).

Durzo was drunk when he iterated it and he didn't feel like correcting the man who started spreading his name around; so Blint stuck. ;P
The man was -according to Perfect Shadow- actually Gwinvere Kirena ;-)
A brief description of some of the incarnations.

The Night Angel
The Night Angel is introduced in the series as a deity governing the forces of Justice, Mercy, and Retribution. As the story unfolds, however, the Night Angel is revealed to be the identity of the bearer of the black ka'kari. The Night Angel is immortal and can "devour" both physical objects (except for the magic arifacts Curoch and Iures ) and magic with a touch of the black ka'kari. It can suppress their magic however.

Durzo Blint
Azoth's master during his time as a Wetboy apprentice. His name was originally meant to be spoken as Durzo Flint, however, during a bout of drunkness, repeated it as Blint, and has never bothered correcting it. Durzo is over seven centuries old, and has been known by an array of names during this time, mostly famously as Acaelus Thorne during the time of Jorsin Aklestes. He was the bearer of the Black Ka'Kari, and is one of the best, if not the best swordsmen ever to walk the earth. He has the ability to change his appearance at will as well. He has a daughter named Ulyssandra by Gwinvere and only lost his Ka'Kari after he finally found the antithesis to the Ka'Kari (indifference)and truly did not care if the life of his lover, Vonda ended.

Durzo was killed by Kylar shortly after the Khalidorian coup, when the Black Ka'Kari left Durzo for Kylar. After being killed, he was given life again by the Wolf, "for old time's sake" as the Wolf puts it. With his new life, leaves to go be with Gwinvere, but ends up joining the battle of Black Barrow against Khali and the Krul. After the battle, he leaves to be with Gwinvere.

Gaelan Starfire
One of the names used by Acaelus Thorne during a lifetime. Gaelan is famous for his great deeds in history. It is said that he threw the blue ka'kari into the sea, creating the Tlaxini Maelstrom. Considered to be one of the greatest archers to ever live.

Ferric Fireheart
One of the names used by Acealus Thorne during a lifetime. It is said that he threw the red ka'kari into the heart Mount Tenji, making it an active volcano.

Master Tulii
The name Durzo uses when he is with the Drake family.

Acaelus Thorne
The best friend of Emperor Jorsin Aklestes, Acaelus was highly regarded and trusted by all who knew him and was known as a supreme warrior with an even stronger sense of justice. When the time for war came in the land, it was thought that Jorsin slighted Acaelus when he gave his Ka'Kari to the generals in army. After this apparent act of betrayal by Jorsin, all records of Acaelus ceased to exist in the land. The true events of that day though, are much different. What was done in reality was that Jorsin had given Acaelus the most difficult task of all, that being the bearer of the Black Ka'Kari, and the name Night Angel. As the Night Angel, it became his job to watch those who bore the other Ka'Kari for signs of corruption and take their Ka'Kari if necessary. Over the years, Acaelus has been known by many names and has participated in every major war in the history of Midcyru. His most recent (and final) incarnation is Durzo Blint, Wetboy of Cenaria.
There was the sword-saint on the Ceuran's side in the Alitaeran expansion war (Ot-somethign or other, I think). Was it Gaelan he was while he was on the Alitaeran side? I forget.
"The ghost of the steppes," Dehvi was a legendary Ymurri stalker from a couple of (centuries?Millenia? I forget) ago. He is proficient with sai, bows, and presumably all the different blades he keeps in his leather clothes, and very very very hard to find if he doesn't want you to see him. He has a strong, wry sense of humour and an accent, with imperfect Jaeran.

That's about all I've got.
This is almost lame but I think he used an alias when he was at the chantree.
Useing the first post as a guide that only acounts for about maybe 250 years. Since he didn't age I would give him about 10-15 years per life.
It says somewhere that he lived full lives sometimes, and that he can change his apperence. So logicaly, he could have had lived for 60 or 70 years per life. Plus he also lived as farmers, shepards, apothicaries and other mundane jobs.
Hah! I found it!
Durzo went by Dannic Blisin when he visited the Chantry.


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