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So I'm starting my re-read for book 4. Any time I see something new or interesting that I over looked before I'll post here. This is the first time I've read through the books since reading book three two years ago. Mostly I'll be looking for scenes with Ironfist ( I remember not liking him being a double-spy because there was no hint of it, so definitely looking something) and anything about the Djinn.

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Done with the black prism, nothing really new to talk about but i do have a couple of points .

The first time Kip drafted it was blue and he had the slow heartbeat, hearing light thing happen. And when he was learning to draft the green ball of doom, he was berating himself that he's no good, fat, can't do anything you know how he gets, then he  hears a voice say that's all lies. I don't know if this was the big man himself Orholam, or one of the djinn maybe Rea.

What happened to the White Luxin Gavin drafted? Ironfist had a small piece, does the color prince have to rest. or did it break back down into light. 

and last, when Gavin burnt his side-back area on the mag-light going down to see his brother it was kind of a bad burn. When he was teaching Liv's class she saw it bleeding through his shirt. Yet the next day with when Kip and Liv go to report on the assassination attempt on Kip, Gavin is naked and no has no burn marks on him or anything. Did Brent just forget about them or is it something in the story that healed him. If its was something in story, I'm thinking as he drafted through out the day, he would not even draft just absorb white light to split, but it would be enough to slowly heal him and not be aware of it.    

Woah... that's a great catch. I would like to think that Brent Weeks did that intentionally, seeing as how he made it a big deal during the superviolet class. I'm very curious now to see if makes anything of this.
I've also been looking out for the same thing, currently rereading Blinding Knife. I just read a little bit ago in the conversation between Ironfist and the White about how Ironfist "used to be a gambler" but then had a bad experience. I wonder if this is related...

The Blinding Knife done. Of the three out I like this one the least, the time skips between Kip and Gavin's chapters I find annoying.

One chapter will have a week in Kip's life go by, then back to Gavin and it's only been 3 hours and in that chapter, one day will go by. Then back to Kip, and its blackguard elimination time which means its been another two weeks. I like the book and love the series but come on it can be hard to read sometimes.

Nothing about Ironfist being a double-agent. Like Jared said "he was a gambler", but that's not much. Plus he thinks about how happy he is working for someone like the White, and he would die for her. This while being in the group that killed her, but maybe he doesn't know that. What if he thinks she died of old age. The White dies only hours, before Kip and the mighty have to go on the run, Ironfist doesn't have time to look into her death. That could be a plot point for him in books 4 and/or 5.

Janus Borig what is she. I know she is a Mirror, but how did she make cards of future events. I think she might also be a Seer too. Between the Seer I forget her name and Janus we are told Light is life, and Light is truth. The Seer said something about how it's hard not to be honest after doing what it she does, looking out side of time. and a Mirror can not lie in her painting? cards? whatever it is that a Mirror does. So if Janus makes a card of a future event/person and it has to happen does that mean there is no free will. She would use her seer's abilities to look out side of time, then her mirror ability to make a card of what she sees, and that has to now happen;that would imply the future is set and your choices don't matter, and I've gone off on a tangent with no facts just questions and what ifs. God I love metaphysics of magic in books.

Ironfist's card has him with an eye patch over one eye. Kip remarks that he has both eyes and Janus says "They aren't always literal interpretations." The eye patch alludes to him working for the broken eye. His eye is broken.

I finished the broken eye sometime ago, but I live in southeast GA where the storm came through. Life is just now getting back to normal, and I'll have my thoughts about it up soon. I didn't take notes or anything like that, so it will only be an overall review type thing, nothing too specific.

I am curious about a lot of the numbers that come up in the book, and if they get explained.

In book 1, in the Travertine palace there were 8 great pillars and each had a specific number of holes drilled into the pillars (127 or something close to it)

In book 2, the Ziggurats of Idoss were numbered at 13, 6 and 6 with 1 in the middle

All these relate to the old world.  Tyrea was said to have been a major area predating Lucidonius' coming.

Ok so book three The Broken Eye, is my favorite of the three out so far.

I really like how the war with the color prince is happening over there, but all of our POV's are over here, but the war doesn't just stop. What happens there the battles won/lost effect the over all store and the situations the main characters find themselves in. This is mostly done with Gavin and getting locked up by the lesbian chick (the sister to Tiss), and then being handed over to Ironfist's sister. All because Tiss's sister is afraid Andross will let the war go on long enough to weaken her. So she had to team up with Ironfist's sister who hates Gavin. And I just really like that kind of story telling. With Kip and Teia this doesn't come through as much, only when its forced on them like that one blackguard training exercise. But that's OK because Kip and Teia live in their own little bubble so it makes sense that they don't really thick about the war too much.   

This book leaves us with a lot of questions but according to the package tracker on my copy of the blood mirror I will get it tomorrow, so I will save them until after reading it, and coming up with a hole new list of them. hopefully we won't have to wait two year for book five. But look a me not even gotten book four and wanting book five.

As to the Ironfist question. 

I did pick up ONE clue that really only makes sense after you read the ending. 

He is talking to Teia on the ship right after Kip & Gavin go over the side (Chapter 5 of the Blinding Knife) He tells Tia "When I was your age, I took an oath because I was expected to, not because I wanted to or thought it was right. I won't do that to you, Teia." 

In retrospect it seems clear that he is referring to his oath to the Broken Eye, not the Blackguard. 

Also something else I noticed re reading book 3, when Ironfist was speaking to Karris on the skimmer ride back from the Gavin Rescue. He tells her what he was taught about the Prisms upon becoming the Commander of the BlackGuard.

One thing he said is that Prisms DO break the halo. eventually their eyes fill with color and they need to be put down.

Next he said that every 7 years there was supposed to be a "ceremony" where the Prism was either killed or (granted?) another 7 years (with never more than 21) but after Gavin came back, he waited for the rest of the nobles to circle and scheme when the 7 years was up. Not only was there no ceremony at all, it seemed that Gavin did not even know about it. 

This makes me think that what ever they had been doing with the blinding knife, maybe it has a time limit. That every 7 years or so they would have to kill another 7 or so drafters to transfer the powers to the Prism. I think that the luxiats that were in the know likely thought that was further proof that the Guiles still had the knife. at the same time - how did Gavin(real) not fade out? was it because he could not draft other than one color at a time? Does the balancing kill the Prism normally? 

Well, I am listening the audio book again to kill time until tomorrow!! 


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