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Just finished reading the series for a second time and had a quick question, oh and this may contain spoilers by the way!


Who and what is the Seraph? I mean, she seems to know of Kylar as "Nameless" and Durzo by Acaelus Thorne, and says "What was Acaelus playing at"  or something by how he called the Staff of Iures "Retribution",  suggesting she knew him personally?


I am just interested who she is... I mean, what part does she play with the Ka'kari? Or even in the histories? Was she a friend of Jorsin, Acaelus or Ezra? Does she herself carry a Ka'kari?


It also strikes me as strange how she seems to just "Pop out" of nowhere in the Chantry, and how Kylar "woke her up", I have the premonition that she must symbolise something in the plot, but maybe it just isnt obvious?


Anyhow I thought I'd just open that thought to what part she plays if any, it was just a mystery to me exactly.  And since "The Makers" had Orzen the hammer dude as their founder, the thought struck me to who the Chantry founder is.


Thanks for any replies.



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A seraph is an angel of the highest rank (plural: seraphim). Strangers are the fallen angels; the White Seraph is one of the true angels, faithful to the One God.

It never explains what she is.
I have a theory that the Seraph was there when the Black Ka'kari was made by whoever made it, however long ago it was made, and that she was the original Ka'karifer, which is how she knows Acaeleus, which would also explain how she knows Ezra, f she does, and how Ezra found the Black.

I think it is a good theory and is logical, but still I guess we dont know!

It is really bugging me on who she is, I just sense a higher importance of her... I may be wrong of course.

Perhaps the black ka'kari was made using her power, which left her bound to the physical plane, which is why she's stuck in that tower.

Well Acaelus mentioned that he didn't like being at the Chantry. And sense it didn't take much for Kylar to get the Seraph to pop in. And sense Acaelus has been around for alot longer i imagine that he could have got her to show up at some time. 


I Don't think she has a Ka'Kari but im sure she is important. 

what are you on about didn't take much? read that bit again xD he's the magical version  of a very large battering ram, i think acaelus and the seraph have met but i do not think she's a Ka'karifer, maybe she is truely an angel or maybe she is the effect of hundreds of powerful maja all living in one building for generations giving rise to a being formed by residual talent (just a theory) we'll probably never know, i think it's just another example of life always having mysteries being portayed in this world too, weeks could have explained her but chose not to i think this is a spot that we were supposed to fill in with our own imagination or just keep wondering
I don't think she played any particular role concerning Acaelus or the ka'kari. To me, she seems to be just an observer of events. And the reason Acaelus tries to stay away from the Chantry is probably because they would want to keep him and study him, like they wanted to keep and study Kylar.

My favourite theory is that the Seraph is the embodiment of all the good things into a physical form, light, beauty, grace and peace, and she was created to counteract the Reaver/Dark Hunter/Roygaris, as it is all the evil things, while the hunter resides in the wood fighting with Ezra, perhaps the Seraph resides in the Chantry to stop them from following the route of easy power and domination and helps them stay their course of learning and research.

At one point. Durzo confides to Kylar in book 3 that he must never used his shapechanging abilities to make himself an untalented man. He said it made a 1 month mission to the chantry take 10 years to undo and cost him his chance to get the Silver Ka'Kari.

I interpreted that as the Seraph having the silver. In the book it said it made the person impervious to weapons and turned them platinum/alabaster, and the seraph was that, sooooo.

She knew Durzo personally, calling him by his true name, and seemed to know much

The Black Kakari was ancient even in Jorsens time


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