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Hi everyone!

First off, I would like to say that I had been waiting for The Broken Eye to come out since September 13th 2012, though at the time I did not know what the title would be.

I did however believe that this was going to be a trilogy. While reading The Broken Eye I kept thinking to myself that there was no way that everything was going to come to a conclusion by the end of the book. I despaired.

Then, after long hours of trying to understand how a series could be left with so many loose ends, something wonderful happened. I found out that there was to be a fourth book in the series called The Blood Mirror. And there was much rejoicing.

So I decided that I wanted to read all of the books over again. While doing this I thought it would be a good time to take notes. Notes on the Lightbringer related prophecies, the Nine Kings cards and other points that seemed to be important.

The following are my thoughts on who the Lightbringer may be, what the Nine Kings cards tell us and my predictions and theories as to what will take place in The Blood Mirror. It will contain spoilers of the book The Broken Eye. I would also like to add that the following is simply my personal thoughts and opinions regarding the lightbringer series and that I have no ‘inside information’, only what was printed in the three books currently released for the Lightbringer series. The Black Prism(TBP), The Blinding Knife(TBK) and The Broken Eye(TBE).

Please feel free to add your own thoughts below.

The lightbringer:

In this section I go over the different Lightbringer prophecies mentioned throughout the series and how they apply to different characters. Mainly Gavin and Kip. Other characters meet some of the requirements but not most of them.

Lightbringer means ‘Light Giver’: This could be taken literally or metaphorically. If taken literally there are many instances where multiple characters have displayed this. Kip drafting fire directly in the Color Princes camp, Gavin constructing the Brightwater wall etc… Alone, this does not point to anyone in particular and is one of the least helpful prophecies available.

He will be a genius of magic: This could be referring to Kip, who has shown that he is a fast learner where most things are concerned but especially with drafting. Learning to draft at will quickly, going green golem, willjacking, streaming etc... This could also refer to Gavin. He invented the skimmer, and the condor. He constantly shows how he can come up with solutions to all of his problems using drafting.

…A warrior who sweeps all before him…: Again this could be interpreted metaphorically or literally. It could mean that they sweep them off their feet, or defeat them all. There few instances where either Kip or Gavin meets these requirements. But ‘sweeping all before him’ does not necessarily mean defeating enemies.

He will be great from his youth: This one clearly applies to both Kip and Gavin. Kip is great from his youth in both size and magical ability as well as intellect. Kip is still in his ‘youth’ at the end of TBE. Gavin was great from his youth as well, becoming a Prism at age seventeen, and before that a full spectrum polychrome.

He will do things no one ever thought possible: This one mostly applies to Gavin. Building the Brightwater wall, establishing a new satrapy and city on Seers Island. This could also be referring to Kip. Figuring out how to stream luxin, even though he finds out later that it has been done by blackguards in the past. The rest of his squad hadn’t thought it was possible before then.

…Bring us back to the true path/ Restore true worship: Neither kip nor Gavin has displayed this as of yet. However, I have some theories regarding this in a later section.

He will slay gods and kings: Kip has killed King Garadul. He may have killed the pirate king on the Gargantua when he blew up half the ship. Kip was also the one who killed Atirat, the green god. Gavin killed the king of ‘The blue-eyes Devils’ along with at least one pirate king. He also killed the blue god, Mot, by himself. He could have also been considered the killer of Atirat since he was in command of the blackguard company that killed the green god. There are references to the fact that Koios is calling himself the White King in TBE. So either Kip or Gavin might be the one to kill him as well, thus slaying another king.

Supposed to be of mysterious birth: Kip fits this description. His mother Katalina Delauria was supposedly raped by the real Gavin Guile. And ‘mysterious birth’ could be referring to the fact that Kip is a bastard. No mention as to if Gavin meets this description. The assumed answer is that, No, Gavin was not of mysterious birth.

Some things the Lightbringer alone will set aright: This could refer to Kip helping Kadah to be reassigned to the job she actually wanted. Gavin ended the blood war, which would also fir this description. There are more instances with each, but all of them are to a lesser degree.

He will comfort the afflicted: Gavin providing moral support toward Karris after she was beaten by Andross’ thugs. Kip providing moral support to Teia after she killed the man who attacked her during blackguard specials.

He will open the eyes of the blind: Kip stabbing Andross, which seemed to drain enough of his years of drafting from him to allow his halos to be unbroken. This cured him of being a wight and allowed him to take off the blackened spectacles he had been using, thus restoring his sight. This could also be referring to instances where he revealed hard truths to his classmates and ‘opened their eyes’. This last interpretation could also be used to support Gavin as the lightbringer.

He will throw down the altars and high places: Kip killing the green god and thus destroying the green banes island.  Gavin doing the same with the blue banes island. Throwing down high places could also be Gavin getting rid of Tisis as the new color on the spectrum.

He will raise up the oppressed and cast down the wicked: Gavin ‘freeing’ the people of Garriston could be ‘raising up the oppressed’. Casting down the wicked could be any number of things that both Kip and Gavin have done. Mostly defeating their respective enemies.

Something about killing his brother: Gavin killed his brother in TBK. Kip may have to kill Zymun at some point.

Something about dying twice: The real Dazen ‘died’ at the battle of sundered rock. He, as Gavin, then ‘died’ when he was stabbed through the heart with the blinders knife. Kip died when he was in The Great Library with Abbadon. Kip was also considered dead when he went overboard to save Gavin after Gavin had been stabbed with the blinders knife.

The Lightbringer will come from the outside, outside the accepted or something: Gavin was sort of an outsider when he was young, never the favorite son of Andross. He was excluded from his brothers inner circles from a young age and was considered the ‘bad guy’ in the Prisms War. Kip was a Tyrean outsider. There are mentions of how he didn’t even really fit in while living in Rekton.

“Death in hand, his card, his lot

                He fights/struggles with/kills forethought”: Could be referring to Kip. ‘Death in hand’ referring to Kip holding the deck of cards in his hand which killed him shortly after. ‘His card, his lot’ referring to when he saw his card: The Turtlebear, ‘his lot’ referring to it being his fate to absorb all of the cards. “he fights/struggles with/kills forethought’ could be referring to the fact that Kip is constantly telling himself that he is thinking too much or is trying to stop himself from saying what is immediately on his mind. No references to what might connect Gavin to this come to mind.

“His hands are forged to take the blade

                His skin dyed for war

                By father’s father is he unmade

                He all will save through what all abhor.”: “His hands are forged to take the blade”, this could be referring to Kip. The blade being the blinders knife. This phrase referencing that Kip is the one who should wield the blinders knife. “His skin dyed for war” references the darker skin tone that some drafters are bred for in order to be better at drafting during a fight. References to Kip being perfect regarding the stronger characteristics needed in a drafter, dark skin tone, blue eyes, strong body frame etc… “By father’s father is he unmade” references Andross trying to kill Kip and hinder him in TBK. No references to Gavins grandfather trying to ‘unmake’ Gavin. “He all will save through what all abhor” it is unclear as to what this is referring to. It could mean a number of different things since ‘what all abhor’ can be interpreted differently for different people.

“He’ll pluck the immortals own beard and steal the shade from his head in The Great Library.”: In the book this was interpreted as the lightbringer aggravating the immortal and insulting him in The Great Library. This has not taken place for Gavin in any of the books as of yet. The obvious correlation to the scene between Kip and Abaddon in a great library is most likely the correct interpretation of this.


So while most of these seem to point to Kip as the Lightbringer, many of them point toward Gavin as well. I will leave it up to you to decide who you think the Lightbringer is. I personally believe that Kip will not be the Lightbringer. In a later section I will discuss my views on Kip’s identity.


Predictions and Theories:

In this section, I use what notes I have taken on the Nine Kings cards together with other sources from the series to express my predictions of what will take place in The Blood Mirror. I have also come up with some theories that should be explored further.

Kip’s viewing of all the cards he had could have a heavy impact on what takes place in TBM. For instance, viewing the card “The Prisoner” could reveal to Kip that his real father was imprisoned by Gavin if the card is revealed to be referring to the real Gavin. It could also be referring to who we know as Gavin, now imprisoned in the luxin prison that he originally made for his brother.

Having seen “Heavens finger” he could come to know what the true purpose of the blinders knife is.

Cards such as “The color prince”, “Zymun the dancer”, Black Luxin, Andross the red, etc. could give Kip knowledge that would completely alter his outlook on things.

Concerning Black Luxin:

                Many people believe that obsidian, or hellstone, is dead black luxin. This implies that black luxin is living. The Order of the Broken Eye believes that black luxin has its own will, which correlates with the prior belief that it is living. Obsidian has the ability to drain luxin from a drafter as long as it is connected to blood and not exposed to light. If obsidian is dead black luxin, it is safe to assume that living black luxin has similar properties. Living black luxin might not have this power-draining effect but I believe it does. In addition, the reason that dead black luxin might absorb power is that it is an attempt to revive the black luxin itself; that once it absorbs enough power, it would become living black luxin again. If this theory is correct, the way that black luxin dies is the expenditure of all of the power it holds. And if that is the case this means that the drafter of black luxin might be able to control the absorption and usage of power through the black luxin.

Black luxin is also called ‘soul poison’ and it seems that the drafter must be in extreme emotional distress in order to draft it. I.E. the battle at sundered rock where Gavin (Dazen) drafted it and in doing so caused a magical conflagration; drafting it again after killing 427 people during the first freeing ceremony that he had to perform as Prism and again he could have drafted it just before his eye was burned out in TBE. I don’t believe there are other mentions of anyone else including Gavin having drafted black luxin in the series as of yet.

                There are hints that black luxin, once drafted, resides in the drafters body until it is used. The oar slave, Orholam, warned Gavin of this saying “It is eating you, destroying you!”

                As we know, the card ~Black Luxin~ shows Kip a memory from Gavins past as a young Dazen. In it, the mirror Janus Borig states that Dazen’s color is Black Luxin. I believe this to mean that the only color that Gavin (Dazen) is able to draft is Black. The way I believe black luxin to work is this: it absorbs the power of light and other luxins and allows the drafter to utilize that power as if it were their own. In this way, by drafting Black luxin, Gavin would have been able to access every other color of the spectrum without actually being a Prism.

He would still need to be able to see the different colors of the spectrum in order to draft them, because the black luxin would need to absorb those colors in order to allow him to draft them. If indeed black luxin resides in the body of the drafter as ‘soul poison’ after having drafted it, then the amounts left in Gavins body would have to have been enough to allow him to use the colors it absorbed through light.  “He felt the same black fury that he felt every time.” – this was right as Gavin was going to kill Rondar Wit, the blue wight heading toward Ru, along the coast (possibly looking for the blue seed crystal). “Black fury” seems a little specific. This may be a reference to his ability to draft black luxin.

As an aside, white luxin might be the one with the ability to allow the drafter to control the power they absorb using the black luxin and since Gavin can draft both, he along with anyone else who could draft both white and black luxin would be able to both absorb and use the power of light and luxin.

The only two people to have drafted black luxin in the series thus far is Gavin and Lucidonious. The color prince, Koios Whiteoak, may have the ability to draft black luxin since he has those black luxin necklaces. However, more likely there was black luxin left over at the Whiteoak’s home after Dazen was attacked by the Whiteoak brothers and he ‘split light’ for the first time.

                I believe that drafting black luxin allows you to see the Jinn, or ‘The Two hundred’. Lucidonious was the first person to expose the Jinn to their drafters and others. Gavin made a comment as he was being rescued after losing one of his eyes: “He’s coming. Don’t you see him? His angel’s fighting through the crowd.” Gavin had seen Ironfist coming through the crown before anyone else had due to being able to see Ironfist’s Jinn. The oar slave, Orholam, also stated “Of a sudden, the world was not as you’d believed. Did you see them?” obviously Orholam knows the properties of black luxin and of the Jinn.


The Blinders Knife:

                As we know, it was a dagger made of what is most likely both black and white luxin. Set into it are seven gems, originally diamonds. When it was used several times to absorb the power of drafters, it grew longer. This took place when Gavin was stabbed, when Vox was stabbed, when it was used against Atirat and finally when it reached its ‘final form’ after stabbing Gavin through the heart.

                It seems that the primary ability of the dagger is to absorb the drafting ability of those it cuts, which would be in line with the theoretical properties of black luxin. The power is stored within the gems, and the white luxin allows for that power to be used by the wielder. My guess is that once the sword reaches its final form, the reason it is part rifle is that it needs some way to use up the power it has consumed in order to revert back to its dagger form. The most obvious way the power would be consumed is how it creates its own bullets, probably made of luxin.

                In TBK, it seemed that Andross had seen the blinders knife used before. Either he had used it in the past or it had been used in his presence in the past. There are heavy implications that the blinders knife is tied to the ceremony in which a new prism is made. The white seems to know this as we find out in TBE. Some of the older colors (the ones who were around when the original Gavin was made prism) seem to know about the ritual as well, while the new ones do not.

                Seeing as the blinders knife steals the abilities of drafters, it makes sense that it could also transfer those abilities to a different drafter. I believe that the ritual using the dagger involves stealing the drafting abilities of a drafter of each color and then imparting them on the new prism.

I do not believe that the knife is used on the old prism as Ironfist stated “there are signs that a prism is dying”, their eyes eventually stop being prismatic and they break the halo.

The knife stealing the drafting abilities of others and then making a new prism would be the most likely case. Along this line of thought: Andross was surprised at learning that Gavin had lived through being stabbed by the blinders knife. This implies that Andross believes that it only works by killing the drafter it is used on. This also means that at least one drafter of each color is killed during the ceremony of making the new prism, as their power was drained from them; which would account for how the original Gavin reacted after the ceremony.

                It also seems that the drafter needs to actively be drafting at the time they are being stabbed in order for the knife to absorb their power. Gavin was trying to protect the barge when Zymun stabbed him, Vox was fighting Kip and was probably passively drafting green. The wights Kip killed on the bane were drafting heavily. Gavin was probably drafting passively (as Kip had been) when he directed the knife into his chest. Andross was also probably passively drafting (due to fear, or the adrenaline rush of the fight) when he was stabbed, but he wasn’t stabbed long enough for the knife to completely absorb his abilities…. Which leads us to the next point….


The Freeing ceremony:

                The Freeing ceremony is meant to ‘free’ drafters of their commitment to their community and the Chromeria. I believe this to be true. However;

                The Freeing Ceremony is not meant to be ritual murder.

I believe that originally the freeing ceremony was meant to be performed by the prism while they were using the blinders knife. It would steal their ability to draft, and keep them alive. Thus, they would be freed of the responsibility of being a drafter.

                Think about it. During the freeing in Garriston, there were different colored panels on the wall behind where Gavin was supposed to shrive the drafters that were to be freed. He consented to his mother drafting orange one last time (she released it before she was stabbed). Which means that since the panels were set up, it was not an unusual request. Which could also mean that you were supposed to be drafting your colors when you were stabbed with the blinders knife so that it would steal your drafting abilities. Of course the prism would still have to pull the dagger out before it killed you.

                Somewhere down the line, those who were in power and wanted to stay in power twisted the ritual to their own benefit. These people would want to keep the dagger secret and stay in power and so, the ritual went from being a freeing of ones drafting ability to ritual murder. Those who were in charge of the Chromeria are the most likely suspects. As previously stated in the series, the freeing ceremony keeps them in power since they are the ones who are in charge of making sure the satrapies are not overrun with wights.


Who was Kip’s mother?

                Katalina Delauria was Kip’s mother before she was killed when Rekton was burned to the ground by Rask Garadul’s men.

The original Gavin had known her. He had supposedly raped her, which would explain the way she treated Kip, along with her haze addiction. She would smoke to try and forget that traumatic experience. As we know from the series, the original Gavin “Missed humbling proud women.” Which means that Katalina was not just some camp follower, but someone who was important.

Was she a drafter? Possibly. Was she a noble? Unlikely.

I believe that she may have been part of the Order of the Broken Eye. Sent to the original Gavins camp in order to steal back the blinders knife for the members of the spectrum. The original Gavin may have known she stole from him, and raped her in retribution. The rape broke her, and she never completed her mission by returning the dagger to the spectrum, instead she settled in Tyrea and became a haze addict. This is pure speculation however, and should be discussed further.


On the Bane:

                It seems that there is a Bane for each of the primary colors. Possibly all colors. Each bane coalesces around a “Seed Crystal” of each of the colors. It seems that this seed crystal seeks out a particularly strong drafter of their color in the area and then turns them into what are known as gods.

                It seems as if the bane are all associated with Whitemist Reef, in the center of the Cerulean sea. All of the bane had formed in the water, and the seed crystals were found near the ocean as well. The original blue bane that Gavin defeated was heading toward the reef as well.

                What significance is the Whitemist Reef? Is it where the white bane will form, has formed, or possibly died before, forming the reef? Does the reef have something to do with Paryl (the master color)? It is called the “Whitemist reef” after all and long ago paryl drafters were called mist walkers.

                It seems that as long as the prism balances on a regular basis, the bane will not form. However, it may be that the seed crystals had not been found and that their formation has nothing to do with the prisms ability to balance the colors.

                We also know that both Koios and Gavin can sense the seed crystals’ locations. Koios proving this when speaking to Liv. Gavin stating this on pg.400 TBK, when he could feel ‘knots’ of the different colors.   


Gavins ultimate goal:

                As we know, there are many mentions of Gavin working toward his ‘seven goals’ one of which he calls his ‘ultimate’ goal. Now, we also know what he set goals for each of his seven year ‘terms’ as prism. What we don’t know is if the goals during the books present are the ones that have been mentioned during the series. As far as we know his goals are as follows:

1. Tell Karris the whole truth (he did this in TBK)

2. Learn to travel faster than anyone thinks is possible (Accomplished  in TBP)

3. Free Garriston (Accomplished in TBK by saving the people of Garriston. In addition, since Garriston is back under Tyrean control, It could be considered free.)

4. Stopping the blood war? (This was done prior to the series, so its ‘iffy’ as to if this was one of the seven goals)

5. Killing the pirate lords? (Again, this was done before the series, so may not be one of the current goals.)

6. Undermining certain colors on the spectrum. (this seems to be an ongoing goal.)

7. ???

I believe that number seven will be something along the lines of destroying all wights. Possibly somehow destroying magic altogether so that no one can draft which would in turn mean that no one could go wight.

                Hints from the series state that It would be something that Gavin would be doing for his dead brother, Sevastian, and his mother along with his (at the time) still living brother.

It could include destroying the Chromeria, so that his mother wouldn’t have needed to be freed. This would of course mean that some of the color princes principles would have to be taken into account. Drafters would be allowed to go wight in a controlled way as they are with the color princes army. This would insure thate the ones who didn’t take it well would be put to death, but others who could handle the transition would be allowed to live. The only way this could be accomplished is if the Chromeria was no longer around. This would have saved his mother from the freeing, but it would have also saved his brother as well since the blue wight that killed Sevastian would not have been crazy.(if this was truly the case, to be discussed further…)


The luxin prison:

                The original Gavin, whom we will call Dazen for this section, was imprisoned in the Blue cell for over sixteen years. The one who made this Cell was the original Dazen, whom we will call Gavin since it was Gavins identity that was stolen.

                The blue cell was the first of three cells that we are aware of. There was also a green and yellow prison. Dazen believed that the yellow cell was the last cell in the luxin prison. Gavin made a comment stating that Dazen might be surprised. I believe that there are in fact seven cells. I believe that Gavin made one cell for each of the seven primary colors. After having spent one month on the blue cell, he would have had sixteen years to work on the other six cells. He is a genius and a prism. There are many ways he could have made all colors of the cells, if not all made from the luxin that color represented. Since orange isn’t solid, he could have made thin yellow luxin walls that supported orange luxin, to cast an orange glow. There would be no way for Dazen to break out if yellow luxin repaired itself with liquid yellow and the only light he could use was orange. How the other cells were made should be discussed further.

                While imprisoned, Dazen talked to his reflection in the walls of his cells. I believe that this was not in fact a creation of Dazen’s mind. I believe that ‘the dead man’ may have been one of the Jinn. Again, this should be explored further.

                Gavin seemed to lose his ability to draft at the same time that Dazen broke out of the blue cell. However, if anything, the passage on pg.88 of TBK shows that Dazen probably broke out of the blue cell as Gavin was setting up the Tyreans on Seers Island. If Dazen did break the blue cell at the same time that Gavin lost the ability to draft blue, was this just a coincidence? Did him breaking the cell have something to do with Gavin losing his blue luxin or was Dazen able to break out because Gavin lost blue? Most likely, the blinders knife stole Gavins ability to draft blue luxin. Due to this, the will Gavin sunk into the blue cell might have been weakened enough for Dazens plan to work.

                Who rebuilt the cells of the luxin prison?

                We believe that Andross Guile was the one who kidnapped Gavin at the end of TBE. Grinwood certainly thinks it was Andross. Though, besides retrieving the black seed crystal, what was Ironfist up to after reading the whites orders?

                Andross could have had another drafter repair the blue and green cells for him, but it would be unlike him to rely on others.

                The White, however, drafts both blue and green. And, she had been drafting both of her colors. She drafted blue to kill her would be assassin and she told Karris that she drafted green in order to gain a new perspective on what actions needed to be taken due to the war. She has lied, for the greater good, in the past and I believe that what she told Karris may have been a lie, or at least a half truth. The White was harsh when she needed to be and I would not put it past her to repair the cells of the luxin prison and then have Gavin imprisoned there. I do believe that if she did do this, it would be to stow Gavin away in a safe place until things at the Chromeria calmed down. She did have prior knowledge of the fact that she was going to be killed and Andross had just been named Promachos. In the letters that she left Karris she would have left a note explaining what she did and why.

                Another option is that for whatever reason, the White helped Andross by repairing the cells for him. Andross is unlikely to have trusted anyone else with the repair of these cells. I believe that Andross considered the White his equal intellectually, or if not his equal then definitely his most worthy opponent. He would of course have whoever helped him repair the cells killed in any case, so it may have been a blue and/or green drafter that he hired for the job before disposing of them.

                I am interested in hearing the opinions of others regarding who imprisoned Gavin at the end of TBE.

                As a prediction of what will occur in TBM: I believe that Gavin will draft black luxin to get out of the luxin prison. As we discussed earlier, black luxin may consume power, or luxin. So drafting it, he could just consume the luxin walls of the prison. If a magical conflagration occurred, no innocents would die due to him being located in an isolated area underneath the Chromeria. Neither the White, nor Andross knew that Gavin was color blind. They would not know that he would be able to draft black luxin.


On Kip:

                First, I would like to discuss whether or not Kip can split light.

“Kip realized he was seeing the whole spectrum at once” –pg.519 TBK, during the battle against The Gargantua.

                This statement could be interpreted has Kip being able to split light. If he can see the whole spectrum at once, he can draft any color of the spectrum. Now, this may not be light splitting, but may in fact be a different ability all together. Nowhere during the battle with The Gargantua does it say that Kip used the super-violet spectacles or that he tightened his eyes to that spectrum in order to draft it. It is implied though since he could ‘see through the smoke’. But, if his eyes were tightened, how then did he draft the sub-red he needed for the fire crystals? He was wearing the sub-red specs, however would still have needed to relax his eyes into sub-red to be able to draft it. He could have possibly contracted his eyes for the super-violet and then relaxed them for sub-red. It would have had to have been done within a fraction of a second, going from one extreme to the other would have been extremely difficult but not impossible. The other explanation is that he simply drafted them both at the same time, which means that he had to have seen them both at the same time.

                “Gavin was staring at him (kip) with a strange intensity.” – After The Gargantua sunk and one of the blackguards (Cruxer) pointed out how Kip blew up half of the ship. Was Gavin trying to figure out how Kip had drafted super-violet and sub-red at the same time? Did Gavin at that time believe that Kip had split light?

Kips time in the jungle:

                During his time in the jungle, there was a point where he was covered in leeches. He ran further into the jungle in his confusion before coming to his senses and drafting in order to remove them from his body. He then drafted a cocoon of luxin around himself to protect himself while he healed.

                During this healing process, it was stated that he had a vision. I believe that the person he saw was Rea Siluz, one of his Jinn. I believe she somehow saved kip while he was healing. She had stated something along the lines of “you won’t die on my watch.”

                A lot more must have happened to Kip during this time period than what was written in the book. I hope these experiences come to light during TBM.

Kip and Chi:

                “Barely even thinking. The water of the stream rushed past on its way to the sea, and Kip watched. Open luxin still streaming from his fingertips, he touched the water like it was open luxin flowing past, the blood of the earth.”

                In that moment, Kip had been connected to all the water in the world, aware of everything all at once. It reminded me of how the green god Atirat had described being connected to every living thing on the planet.

                This could have been Kip’s first time using Chi. Chi is the last secret color that can be drafted and it is as far above super-violet as Paryl is below sub-red. Other that this mention, there are little to no references to Chi, or what it can do. Traditionally Chi is described as life force, or life energy. Kip could have been drafting Chi for the first time without realizing it and in doing so he was connected with the metaphysical energy that resides within all water on the planet.

                Paryls effects on the mind are said to be even greater than sub-red in that you become more empathetic to those around you. Taking this into consideration, the effects of Chi which is on the other end of the spectrum, it would have the opposite effect of Paryl. Chi is said to be far beyond Super-violet which alienates oneself with human emotions. If Chi has a greater effect than Super-violet, it could be extreme disassociation with emotions of any kind.

                This emotional detachment can be seen after he had touched the water. When he met the old woman (Coreen) after emerging from the jungle he thought: “He had a thought and knew it was strange at the same time: the locals have a custom, this clothing custom, though here there are no thorns to snatch and tear your skin; I should go along….. .. The locals? You mean humans Kip?” I believe that he was feeling the after effects of drafting Chi, which could have made him regard humans with some sort of alien understanding; being completely detached from what is considered normal in human society. This could also could have been the effects of being alone for a couple of weeks lost in the jungle. But, I think it was more than that. In addition, during the next set of lines after the above quote, Kip thought that he was glad that Kip wasn’t gone for good. This implies that he had changed in some way during his time in the jungle.

                The metaphor of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon comes to mind due to the luxin cocoon he drafted around himself while healing from the leeches.

                What had Kip not wanted Coreen to ask him as they parted? “….don’t let her ask what I have to give up.” What is this referring to? I was unable to discern this answer myself.


Other thoughts:


                During the scene where Abbadon claims to be the lightbringer, there is mention that Kips eyes were feeling muscle fatigue. The burning in his eyes faded to tingling and his eyes became stronger, able to see the true form of Abbadon behind the illusion. Does this mean that Kip will now be able to see peoples Jinn? If so does this mean he can draft black luxin? As I stated earlier, I believe that if you are able to draft black luxin, you are able to see the Jinn of other people but this may not work the other way around.

                The deck of cards that Gavin stole from Andross is most likely another set of true cards that had been crafted by a Mirror. This would make sense due to what Andross had said when he asked Kip to read off the cards he remembered in TBE. Further instances of this should be discussed.

                The woman that Andross wanted to have kidnapped at the end of TBE was most likely Marissia, Gavins former room slave and master spy for the White. She is the most likely candidate due to the fact that he asked Murder Sharp to take Teia with him, as it would test her loyalty. It could be Karris, but unlikely now that she is the new White. It would not have been the White due to the fact that she was already dying. Speculation as to who else it could have been?

                “She was glowing with joy and morning light, her skin radiant, her eyes holding a million colors Kip had never seen.” –Pg.804 TBE. This was Kip and Teia flying over the jaspers to the docks while riding the zip line. Does this mean that she was splitting light? Had her eyes gone prismatic? Is she, or will she be the new prism chosen by Orholam?

                Grinwoody had Ironfist steal the black seed crystal for him. He stated that it is “the weapon that kills Prisms and quenches luxin.” What will Grinwoody do with the black seed crystal? Will Gavin escape the luxin prison and somehow become the Black bane?

                Kip thinks that since he absorbed all of the cards he had, he would be driven mad because of them. I certainly hope this is not the case, it really sucked the last time a main character went mad.

                Now, I don’t believe that Kip will be the next prism. I believe that will either be Zymun or Teia. I don’t precisely believe that he will be the Lightbringer either. There is certainly enough evidence that he would be and Ironfist seems to think he is. However, that could all be a coincidence.

                I believe that Kip will be The Blood Mirror. Not a true mirror like Janus Borig mind you. But, he would be something called a Blood Mirror. He absorbed all of the power of the cards that Janus created and that power seems to be residing within his body. It seems that he might not be able to see new information as a Mirror would, but he would be able to recall and store the memories of cards that were created by a True Mirror.


Well, if you actually read all of that, Thank you. It took me some time to put all of my thoughts together. I would love to read your responses, ideas, thoughts on anything mentioned or possibly missed.

And thank you again to Brent Weeks for creating such an amazing world with such a great story to follow. My only regret is that I have to wait another couple of years to know what happens next. J



-Sef Sera Jaks


P.s. I sure hope this all fits on the forum post I make, if not I guess I’ll have to create multiple replies in order to fit it all :P

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Hey M1k31 -- we've haven't been updating info here as frequently because there hasn't been as much traffic. But here's the update Brent put out a few months ago about the series being 5 books, over on his main webpage!


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