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So in Book 4 Liz/ferrilux travells to Sundered Rock and meets with Samila Sayeh/Mot. According to Samila, Koios belives Liz is their to try and find more black luixn but Samila reckons that Liz just came to say goodbye to her home at rekton.

However it is clear from Liz's thoughts that she has another plan. The plan has something to do with another resonance point she found near the end of book 2. Liz does end up going to Rekton and sends somekind of telepathic message to Kip in superviolet, and thinks to herself that kip is the only chance for victory.

She reappears then near the end of the book. She thinks that her work is complete and sets of to claim her superviolet bane that Koios has. She thinks to herself that Kip has not figured out her message and their would be no point in joining the loseing side.

What work has she been doing for the entire time of the book. Work that she now considers complete. Has she found a way to destroy the black luxin necklaces? Is she planning to free the other gods? Liz did ask Samila Sayeh if she wanted to be free but Samila Sayeh said such a thing was not possible. Is she secretly planning to align with Kip? Is she planning to turn the two way war between Chromeia and Koios into a three way war between Chromeia, Koios and the gods? or maybe she has found a way to remove the seed crytal she incorperated in her body or found a way to heal her halos?

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