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Who would you cast in the movie versions of this awesome tale?

Okay so I have quite a few faces that come to mind for certain characters and it is mostly because I love these actors but also have followed their career long enough to know that they would breathe another level of life into this story.

Elene = Lindze Letherman
Vi = Eliza Dushku
Kylar = Jensen Ackles
Durzo = Ben Browder
Momma K = Claudia Black
Wolf = Michael Shanks
Logan = Jonas Armstrong
Sister Ariel = Catherine Tate
Solon = Maximilian Carlo "Max" Martini
Feir =
Dorian = David Tennant
Neph Dada = Alan Cummings
Jeni = Hannah Murray - I know she is 19 but she pulls of teenager---still looking for the right gal
Jarl =
Kaede = Vanessa Marcil
Lantano = Tahmoh Penikett
Terah =
Godking = Would love to see Michael Chikilas because he can do anything and still make you care
Roth = Elisha Woods

Okay so I have not gotten everyone yet though I am still working on it. And yes I know that I have put Browder and Black back together again but they are such wonderful actors I can just see them totally give these characters life on screen---plus I would not mind seeing them together again---hell they are two of my favorite actors ever! Long live Farscape and SG1!
I have also put David Tennent as Dorian because I can totally see him playing the conflicted emotions and not make this a character to hate.
I thought Bruce would make a terrific baddie.
Eliza would have Vi down so tight it would be insane and Jensen just plays to Kylar's strengths. Having Jonas as Logan gives him that royal, handsome look without making it all about appearances...Jonas would be able to give him those layers the HOLE created without destroying those morals we know Logan has. As for Elene...I think Lindze is perfect and I love her so much that maybe I could like Elene!
Okay so I am going to go and cook food for Thanksgiving but I will be back to tweek my list

*I have tweaked three names either by adding a new name to one I thought made a better choice or in the case of Lantano--I just keep forgetting his real name is not Helo! I will admit that Jensen and Jonas could play either role but when I hear the sacrasm in Kylar or feel his conflictions...Jensen keeps popping into my head. I am having a hard time with Jarl...all i see is older actors...I am trying though to find someone. As for Feir I am still working on it...

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My biggest issue with several of these cast ideas are that some of these actors could fit the part of Kylar and Logan, if they were +10 years younger. Those parts call for young actors. I would not be surprised if this story does make it to the big screen, to see some fresh new talent. 

But, I recently watch a film called Beastly and I would really like to see Alex Pettyfer play the role of Logan. He is the right age range and really he looks like he could be a handsome prince. 

Daniel Craig as durzo all the way. Or liam neeson

Tennant as Dorian is a fantastic choice, I'd love to see that. I don't think Jensen Ackles as Kylar is quite right... I kind of want Keanu Reeves as Kylar, but he might be a bit old for the role. Keanu Reeves as Durzo?

I guess it'd be really hard picking a Kylar, because I already have an image of what he should look like in my mind, and no one with a similar face really comes to mind. It'd take a bit of skill to play Kylar, but anyone with that kind of skill is likely to be too old.

Ah my first post.

Struggling to think of a Kylar!


Arcade Fire soundtrack?


There's a scene (forgive me for being so vague) where Kylar has sworn to give up his ways to Elene, she's lying in bed. it's night and he can sense all the bad things happening outside, he changes his mind and runs out onto the rooftops to save the young girl from would be rapists.. imagine Arcade fire "my body is a cage" playing out through that whole scene.....that would be awesome, the words, structure are perfect for it.

congratulations on the first post and welcome to the Circus.  Don't feed the Trolls. :) 

hmmm, most of these are good, but I don't think Floop could pull off Neph's role. he just doesn't seem as good as someone like Dennis Hopper or (I'm just sayin) Clint Eastwood, as he's a pretty good at being a menacing person, as Neph should be. Also, as much as I like Michael as an actor, he doesn't really seem to fit the bill. He just looks like a nice guy. It's in his eyes. You might want someone like Bruce Willis or Stanley Tucci. and Frodo should NOT be Roth. you need a strikingly handsome person with ice blue eyes and no soul. A hobbit, I'm sorry to say, does not fit that description. for Jarl, try Darryl Stephens. Feir is a tough person to make a reality of... other than that, great choices! but Solon needs to be darkish skinned. I really like your female selections, though. very nice.

You've got some great suggestions, but personally I would go a different direction.

Kylar Stern = Logan Lerman
Durzo Blint = Timothy Olyphant
Logan Gyre = Liam Hemsworth
Feir Cousat = Kevin Durand
Vi Sovari = Kat Dennings
Roth Ursuul = Sean Faris
Elene Cromwyll = Gabriella Wilde
The Wolf = Willem Dafoe
Momma K = Madeleine Stowe
Solon Tofusin = Sendhil Ramamurthy
Dorian Ursuul = Sharlto Copley
God-King Ursuul = Daniel Day-Lewis
Jarl = Anthony Mackie
Jenine Gunder = Jennifer Lawrence
Regnus Gyre = Jeff Bridges
Brant Agon = Clive Owen

interesting suggestions

Sorry but Claudia Black is not how I pictured Momma K, she's definitely Christina Hendricks!!!! As for the rest of the characters, God I think I saw someone say Viggo Mortenson for Durzo, and please please no Jake Gyllenhaal as Azoth/Kyler lmao he already did a terrible prince of persia.... as for the rest of the cast it would be good to see fresh faces for these fascinating characters.

I disagree with pretty much every one here except Michael and Claudia. I have no idea who would play the others except I think that Iain Glen could play an excellent Durzo.

What great ideas, Eliza Dushku for Vi is 100% spot on, if i was to go for an allstar cast i would do the following

Lantano Garuwashi = Jet Li

Elene = Natalie portman

Hu Gibbet = Peter dinklage

Lantano Garuwashi = Jet Li
Elene = Natalie portman
Hu Gibbet = Peter dinklage
Khali = helena bonham carter
Vi = Eliza Dushku
Kylar Stern = Taylor Lautner
Durzo Blint = Will Smith
Momma K = angelena joli
Wolf = ralph fiennes
Logan = Chris Hemsworth
Sister Ariel = Maggie Smith
Solon = Tom Hardy
Feir = Michael Clarke Duncan
Dorian = Chris pine
Neph Dada = Christopher walken
Jeni = Eliza Taylor
Jarl = Neil Patrick harris
Godking Garoth Ursuul = John Malcovich


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