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I notice some people believing that Kylar/Vi is the pairing after Beyond the Shadows, however that is clearly not what Brent Weeks implied with the ending, not to mention there are just too many factors working against it.

First, Wolf/Ezra pointed out that Vi would go back to her studies and would tell the sisters not to try to pursue Kylar, indicating he is going to stay away afterwards.

Secondly, , even when they were bonded by the earrings, it was clear that Kylar still loved Elene more than Vi, its not even in doubt which one was more important to Kylar, it wouldn't be fair to Vi if they ended up together since he could never love her with his full heart.  Not only was his desire for her purely physical, his feelings for her are more that of a friend than a lover.  Even at the end of that story it was clear that he was only looking at her as a friend, his squeezing her hand was that of mutual comfort, as the two of them were closest to Elene and they were looking out at that tulips that Elene created.

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I would have to disagree with you. I think that Kylar and Vi could totally become a pair.

1) Distance is not really an issue when you are dealing with people like Vi and Kylar. Kylar is immortal and Vi being "damaged goods" and so new to the whole "love" thing that it may be better for her to experience it slowly than to jump headlong into it. We've already seen how Kylar maintained his relationship with Elene even when apart.

2) Of course Kylar loved Elene more, and Vi knows it. But I think that is part of why Vi loves him in the first place. She wants to be able to fill the gap that Elene's death had made in Kylar's heart. Of course, people can't love the dead in the same way or to the same extent as they love the living. Otherwise, they would just be tormenting themselves. I think Kylar has matured enough now to accept that with his immortality, he would have to deal with watching his loved ones grow old and die, or even die as the price of his immortality.

Vi also became good friends with Elene near the end, and encouraged her relationship with Kylar by essentially sacrificing her own emotions in the process. At the end, for Kylar to squeeze Vi's hand is more than enough indication that he wants to build his relationship with her. He may only see her as a "friend" at the time, but he is willing to take things further, is what I think. After all, the love of his life died and they just finished her think he's just going to start kissing Vi? That would be totally against Kylar's character and would make his love for Elene seem a childish fancy. Remember also that Kylar felt/saw how much Vi loves him and what she sacrificed for him (such as suppressing the bond so Kylar could be intimate with Elene). He knew how much she suffered for him as well. Much like how Logan went from only a physical attraction with no real love for Jenine to seeing her character an instantly falling deep in love with her, I think something similar may have happened with Kylar and Vi near the end.

i second that. will it happen over night, no. They have a lot in common  and have been through a lot together. to me Vi seems to be very close to head over heals for Kylar, although she would die before admitting it. Vi also has done a lot for Kylar that she has not told Kylar about.

in my opinion they would be a good paring, I'm not to sure if they would be good parents but they could work.

Reply by Avinash Tyagi 25 seconds ago

Sorry guys, but you've only shown why Vi loves Kylar, not why Kylar would love Vi.

The hand squeeze at the end was more about seeking comfort from a friend, sure I could see them having a quick fling as Kylar seeks physical comfort in the wake of Elene's death, happens a lot when a loved one dies, and no one doubts that Vi is a very sexy girl, but there was nothing to indicate from Kylar that he loved Vi that way, as more than just a friend.

Sure they could have the friends with benefits relationship, but at least from Kylar's standpoint there doesn't seem to be too much beyond friendship. Also While distance may not be a huge issue, every year he stays away means another year older for Vi and greater fading of her greatest asset, her looks.

I'm not too sure about wether or not they'd make a good couple but I think it's there a bit. If there was more books, it probably won't happen. Maybe be thought about but then Kylar would have go to another country anyways and start a new persona. Vi would be the head of the chantry probably and I doubt they'll put a married woman at the top so soon anyways

IT BETTER!!! Man i loved these two, they would be awesome together.

Kylar always loved Elene but even when she was alive Kylar was very attracted to her and vice-versa.

I'm not saying that's Love but it was there and thats a possibility not to mention she would be more of an equal than Elene would have been in their relationship. Vi is in love with Kylar and after he actually saw how much she loved him, i think there is definitely room for it to grow. Also Elene pretty much gave Vi her blessing.

Anyway i believe the hand squeeze was open to the readers interpretation, i know what i believe ;)


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