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I was rereading the Lightbringer series and come to the conclusion that Kip will be a Prism but not the Prism, I believe he has all ready light split during the battle to sink the ship and that's why Gavin looked at him funny while they were eating. 

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I always loved that scene on the ship :D

No i don't think he will be the Prism. I think he will be the Lightbringer and an incredible powerful Drafter.

There's still the question of whether or not a full-spectrum lightsplitter is necessarily a Prism, or if there's more to it than that as well (eg whether or not one would be able to balance the colours, which seems to really be the true purpose of a Prism, draft unlimited amounts, get the prismatic eyes etc.)

Do we know if Kip is a full spectrum lightsplitter? I think Zymun will go on to become the Prism ( he is the Prism-elect right now? ). Kip will kill him somehow ( cuz the lightbringer is supposed to kill his brother and the black card Zymun the dancer kind of supports it ). If Orholam chose Gavin (Dazen) to be his Prism, he wouldn't let him rot in luxin cells right? So he might return as Orholam's chosen? (I'd really like to read something like this)

Yes, or atleast he is capable of being one. There was the attack on the big pirate ship toward the end of book two, where time slowed for Kip and he drafted like 4 colors simultaneously (including sub-red and ultraviolet) and blew up half the ship. Although that might be later described as being helped by Orholam as he hasn't had any instances of time slowing since.

That doesn't really sound like lightsplitting to me. Not sure what any of it implies really, but that doesn't seem to be how it works for Gavin.

And Kelvinator what is full spectrum lightsplitting? Is it the Prisms' ability to draft all colours from full spectrum light and draft to an extent that ordinary drafters can't? Or is it Teia's ability to feel the light falling on her skin? (with which she identifies even white light and darkness) and she has a halo unlike a Prism and cannot draft the light which she supposedly splits. And reply to my post if you can.

By a full spectrum lightsplitter I just meant a full-spectrum polychrome who also happens to be a lightsplitter, I guess that could have been more clear. It was completely unambiguous in my head =P

Wasn't there something about the Chosen one not being born yet?  And that's why Kip couldn't be him?   (Note:  I just read The Night Angel trilogy, and I feel like I may have this confused with something from it)

Gavin's imprisonment may be a figurative death and a rebirth of Dazen.  I need to reread the Lightbringers before Blood Mirror comes out.

Yeah, there definitely was something about the Chosen not being born yet in the Night Angel books. Once mentioned by Dorien, I think when him and the sword-smith guy (can't remember his name) first go to see Kylar when he is in the apothecary. And then once again when Kylar awakens the statue lady in the mage tower. I should re-read those books. There may have been more, but I feel like it was supposed to take place within High King's lifetime, and for some reason I feel like it might be Kylar and Elain's(?) child. But again, it's been forever so I could be wrong about those last two things.

Technically zymun is kips nephew, dazen is his brother. I believe dazen will become the white seed crystal host and kip will merge the colours back together killing all the gods and their hosted bodies to return orholam to power I.e bringing light back together
Kip didn't draft them simultaneously to my knowledge. He first drafted superviolet lines to every musket and cannon In the ship and then he guided extremely hot firecrystals through them so that's not simultaneous. He can draft seven colours so what he did to the ship was due to his full spectrum polychromacy. He might be a lightsplitter but I don't think what he did to the ship proves it.

Page 518 of The Blinding Knife-

"Whoosh. The world looked beyond real. Kip realized he was seeing the whole spectrum at once."

But you are right, had to go back and reread it, he only drafted superviolet and firecrystals. Although with the context of the text above, and the fact that he wasn't wearing any of his glasses at the time, he would have to have split light to draft superviolet or firecrystals. I would argue that the whole time slowing thing implies that he is capable of much more than just splitting light. I'm hoping that the next book with continue this thread more. I believe it's possible that he will have more access to this ability now that he has 'merged' the two halves of himself.


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