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I was rereading the Lightbringer series and come to the conclusion that Kip will be a Prism but not the Prism, I believe he has all ready light split during the battle to sink the ship and that's why Gavin looked at him funny while they were eating. 

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Superviolet and subred drafters don't use spectacles. They either contract or dilate their pupils to draft their respective colours. So Kip didn't have to wear specs or split light to do what he did. The time slowing thing might've been just an adrenaline rush. What do you mean by merging his two halves by the way?

Well, nobody has to use glasses I guess. You just have to look for your color. It's possible that when he waved his hand and shot superviolet and then waved his hand back and shot firecrystals, he had expanded and contracted his pupils. I would argue that although this is possible, it's unlikely. He talks about how it takes him a second or two to do this, letting his eyes relax and such; but the way that the scene is written makes it seem like the drafting takes place back to back with a fraction of a second between hand waves. Additionally, it never says he contracts his pupils. It does say at the beginning of the paragraph that he can see the whole spectrum at once, and since all you need to do is see the color to draft it; I think it makes more sense to assume he just drafted without doing anything to his pupils.

During the third book there is a bit of discussion about how warriors have two sides to themselves, or parts of their personality. One when they are in battle killing, and one everywhere else. At the end of the book when Kip and friends make it on the boat, there is a moment where Kip brings those two halves together and becomes Breaker in earnest.

" And he saw his two faces: child and warrior, man and leader.... Kip took a deep breath, then popped his neck to the left and the right, and when he turned, he was Breaker."

Sadly after that we only have half a page with Kip before the book ends, but he is a pretty big badass for that last half page.

Seeing the colours does not apply to subred and superviolet normally as they are not part of the visible spectrum. Kip can control his pupils which he uses to draft subred and superviolet and he might've done it instinctively during the ship incident. As far as I know subred and superviolet drafters don't wear specs. Liv Danavis only had a yellow one for example. Merging two halves-I dont know about that maybe that might've been just to show that Kip had accepted the fact or as his friends believed that he is Breaker or the Lightbringer.

Even in his discussion with Karris, she warns him to not let the soft side of him disappear.  I think the idea of merging his halves is pretty spot on.  Remember that Teia saw all the various facets of Kip.  From the pity party Kip, to Kip the incredible.

There are multiple instances in the books that show something happening to Kip (and Teia for that matter) that reality seems to slip away.  Based on how Gavin looked at him not in awe but more wary, I don't know if it is lightsplitting.  

For all the story of Gavin and his use of luxin, nothing is ever described in that manner.  Time doesn't slow.  When he drafts white luxin in Tyrea his viewpoint shares something totally different.

So Teia might be Karris Shadowblinder's reincarnation as Kip is Lucidonius'?
"By father's father he is unmade"-so the troubles that Andross gave Kip unmade him and made Teia and himself to see his different selves?

The unmade thing could have been when Andross accused him of murder and exiled him.

The different selves or versions of Kip are unrelated to that though. It's a pretty prevalent theme in the 3rd book. Discussed by Karris, Teia, and Kip at different points.

At last we can understand that really problematic quote in The Blood Mirror!

Kip won't be a Prism. He will be the Lightbringer. Gavin will reclaim his Prism position.

After he destroys those two Bitches.

Wow, 20 replies and not a single one of you quoted Janus Borig telling Kip he wouldn't be the prism. Kip is the Lightbringer, he doesn't need and won't be the prism or a prism. If being a full spectrum superchromat light-splitter meant you're a prism then Kip's eyes would be prismatic the moment he splits light.

Frankly the fact you guys got this deep into a discussion that should've been headed off with a Janus Borig quote worries me slightly. Janus is a true mirror, one that is never wrong when she paints her cards. So if she says Kip is not the prism, then he's not the prism, end of story.

Was a few years ago since I read that book, if my memory serves though didn't she say I've been trying to paint you as the prism but couldn't but now I know who the lightbringer is. If that's right she never told him he's prism or lightbringer just implied making you think maybe incorrectly for a twist later


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