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Brent Weeks Helps find kids love of reading.


I would just like to thank you for helping my son fall in love with reading.  I have always read since I was a little kid but my son wanted nothing to do with it.  He would rather spend his time playing Destiny or Battlefront.  I play video games as well but still would like him to be a well rounded human being.  He is 14 and I had almost given up when he came into my office to ask me a question.  I asked him to hold on a second while I finished what I was typing; I…


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lightbringer prophecies( spoiler)

one of the prophecies says that the lightbringer will kill his brother. We have learned that Andross is kip's actual father. Zymun is not his brother, Gavin is. If Kip is the lightbringer than he will have to kill Gavin or maybe Sevastien will return to be killed by his hand.

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Gavin's Lost memories

I think Gavin killed his brother Sevastien under the influence of black luxin the first time he drafted it.

that was the starting of his obsession with hating the wights. The dead man in the black prison cell may have guided him from early on and may still be lying to him about it. Maybe he will learn about it when he goes to kill orholam. I will hate for him to die at kip's hand...

Added by king on October 30, 2016 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

Gavin's lost memories

Why Gavin(Dazin) killed his younger brother?

I think it had to do with the prophecy "Of red cunning, the youngest son, Will cleave father and father and father and son." Perhaps he wanted to kill the lightbringer under black's influence.

Added by king on October 30, 2016 at 4:23am — 1 Comment

Can Grinwoody Draft?

Most (if not all) blackguards are drafters, even if it's not an obvious color (ex: paryl or chi).  Grinwoody was a blackguard initiate, but choose to sign with Andross before final vows.  

So can Grinwoody draft? If yes, what colors?

Added by Alex on October 15, 2015 at 3:53pm — 2 Comments

Goofs (to be added as i find more)

Re-reading Night Angel, to look for stuff about the ka'kari, and mages, and races, even the maps. I either never noticed these on my first go, or Orbit didn't do a very good job of editing (or the version I am reading now is much different from the books i bought 4 ears ago)

Way of Shadows

1) Kylar talking to Momma K about Logan's dad, before he had met Logan.

Azoth nodded.

Momma K opened her eyes and lifted her eyebrows.



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Knight Angel's first time reader

I’ve bought the Night Angel’s trilogy last week and was really excited at the thought of starting a new book.  After the first few pages my excitement did not abate… Then it happened… and hit like a tonne of bricks.  Every idea in this book as either been stolen from Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World  or Dan Simmons’ Hyperion…. What a disappointment

Added by mahalia valon on February 7, 2015 at 3:32pm — 2 Comments

The Broken Eye and Black Luxin (Spoilers if you haven't read TBE)

So I just finished TBE and was thinking about the tenets of the Order of the Broken Eye.  At the end, Grinwoody tells Ironfist that he either needs to save or Kill Kip.  Ironfist delivers the black luxin crystal.  

We also see that Gavin (Dazen) is locked up in the prison he set up for his brother.  Gavin is capable of drafting black luxin as we saw in the eye gouging scene and he mentions it (I think after he kills the Whiteoaks). 

I think it's fair to say The…


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When did you know?

Hi everyone! I was just wondering, at what point in the books did you know that Brent Weeks was more than just an ordinary writer? That these stories were more than just words on a page but a whole different world. I can tell you that, for me, it was in 'The Way of Shadows' when Roth asks Momma K if she enjoyed her braised peasant and Momma K asks if he said pheasant. 'Roth only smiled.' That moment! That was it. I bet Brent knew he had a winner right there. I'm curious though, when did…


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Kip and Ironfist

Has anyone else noticed that Kip and Ironfist were never introduced? In chapter 29 Kip talks about Ironfist and Tremblefist by name but Gavin never introduced them so he wouldn't know their names! Also, how does Gavin and Corvan know that Liv defected? Is Brent going to fix this!? I hate mistakes like this. He needs to get on his copy editor! Not in a literal sense, obviously, the man is married!

Added by Jack Draper on April 22, 2014 at 3:12pm — 6 Comments

questions for Brent.

What inspires and drives you to write? Is it something you have always "felt" or is it something that came along later in life... And if its something that came along later in life what was the catalyst that propelled you forward?

Added by R J King on March 7, 2014 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

when will the part to the night angel trilogy come out

Im not too keen on the ideas of the light bringer trilogy( I assume ill get hate mail) and was wondering whether the un answered questions in the N.A.T. were just to piss readers off or Weeks was planning on addinganother few books to the series in hopefully the near future.

Added by winter on February 7, 2014 at 12:17pm — 1 Comment

Retribution's shape

Think of this, a single edged isn't as efficient as a double edged sword. a single edged sword can only be used one way and needs to be turned to attack where as a double edged sword can utilise both edges of the sword so you can immediately change the direction of the swing with less effort than a single edged sword.

Added by Jacob Smith on May 9, 2013 at 5:48am — 1 Comment

Success Apology *orignially posted @

My dearest Aich,

Last night we discussed how we define success with our writing…more to the point how we define our writing as successful.  It was not an easy discussion.  Both of us said things we did not mean.  Well, maybe I meant some of it but most of it was said out of fear and self-doubt. …


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For Kelv's eyes!!!!

The police officers I was sharing this lovely ride with were preoccupied chatting each others ears off. I heard a sudden snap as the metal of the chain in between my hand cuffs broke. 

    The officer sitting in the passengers seat looked back at me trough the barrier separating me from the police officers.

    "What was that?" he said, looking me up and down.

    "I think it was my boot hitting something sir." I said, faux smile spread across my face.

    He gave me an 'I…


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My first short story, dating back to 2006

                             I once heard that a smile can save a life.

                                 But not returning it ruins the magic.


I stand out as the only living thing around and watch the water far beneath. Looking down, I see the foamy waves crashing on the rocks below. Actually, in the darkness I can’t make out almost anything but the roar and white crests were helping my imagination. I could imagine how romantic it would all seem to a side observer. The…


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Short Stories, Poems, Book Excerpts, Ect. (Fans of rap should check this out)

     As all of us are, I am a huge fan of Brent Weeks and his books, characters, and Writing Advice have drastically influenced and improved my writing style and abilites. I am pretty young, I'm a sophomore in high school, but I really enjoy writing in all styles and genres and will post a lot of writings here. I don't have much to post currently because all of my focus has been on school and the novel I am writing, which I will post excerpts from occassionally, but I'm only on the second…


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My new Blog

One of the greatest things is when an author, like Brent Weeks, gives us advice on writing.  It helps so much.  But there's one question that comes to my mind.  Do they remember the very beginning?  Before they ever got close to the publishing deal?  The firsts of every obstacle they overcame?  Well, here's me trying to help from one aspiring writer to hopefully many others.

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The Night Angel, Midcryu, history and religion (theories about)

Brent Weeks is a historian, (or so i have gathered from some youtube clips) He speaks of families and politics from the real old world. The entire book is definitely very political, from the Sakage to Logan's marriage to the Godking's trickery and more to come. I'm still on Shadow's Edge and that's not even half way. But i've been meaning to analyze and review a little, it's one of my favourite books, very gritty and no bull shit (no poets in the bitter business indeed) I think it's my…


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Got The Blinding Knife

OMG got the second Lightbringer book, it was so quick to get into the mystries :P only managed to put it down to post this...

Added by Anthony Lake on September 11, 2012 at 1:35am — 3 Comments

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