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January 2009 Blog Posts (24)

Bryn's story chapters 11& 12

Chapter Eleven

The wizard walked into the dim study. With barely a thought, he caused the lamp near his chair to light. He picked up his journal from the table and opened it to the last entry from nearly a week ago. It was difficult to believe that the culminating events hadn’t really taken that long, yet what had happened had seemed more than a lifetime in the making. Picking up the quill, he dipped it in the ink and prepared to write. The events of the past few days were too… Continue

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Bryn's story chapters 9&10

Chapter Nine

As they finally exited the cave, they were blind to what was awaiting them at the forest edge. Their eyes had grown so accustomed to the darkness that it took several minutes for them to adjust to the sunlight. When they did, they stood in awe. Before them lay an incredible sight. In the valley below lay what appeared to be a tropical jungle. They could feel the warmth and humidity in the air even before they began to descend.

As they followed Shari… Continue

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Bryn's story chapters 7 & 8

Chapter six is no where near ready to be read, but some of the later chapters are, so I'll skip it for now and offer a brief summary: Bryn and Tamlin spend a little bit of time recovering, Tamlin tell her that Gavin was the wizard who tried to kill her- the one he stabbed, Bryn tries to get Jasen to open up but he won't, and one of Bryn's old companions comes to tell her that they think they know what Gavin is after and where he went. She and her small company set off in… Continue

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Bryn's story chapter 6

This section of course still needs work - as does the entire thing - but I can't just leave a big gap there ;)

Chapter Six

It was three days after Brynweir had been incapacitated by the lightning bolt before she could even manage to limp to the door of her room. She was still sore, and her whole body ached with each step. Jasen continued to give her herbs for the pain, but less and less each time. He also checked and changed the bandages on her shoulder… Continue

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Bryn's story chapters 4 & 5

Chapter 4

Rising with the sun, Brynweir was soon ready to travel. Quickly she roused the others and they started on their journey. The air grew cooler with every day that they traveled and frost could be seen most mornings. They traveled slowly at first, having no real need to overtake Talren.

Just before midday twelve days later, they came upon a small village. After such a long time in the saddle, Brynweir decided to stop for a real meal and a hot bath before… Continue

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Bryn's story chapter 3

What the heck - may as well post it rather than skip it....

Chapter Three

The city was celebrating. There was money to be had, and everyone wanted it. Harvest time was always a time for celebration, but the city was celebrating as they never had before. Although it was several hours past the middle of the night, a boisterous group of revelers passed beneath Brynweir’s window. They were weaving and laughing as though they had had too much to drink. Some taverns… Continue

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Bryn's story chapter 2

Chapter Two

Towards evening of the fourth day after the ambush, they came over a small hill and the castle came into view in the distance. Brynweir saw a group of men spread out along the road between them and the castle. It appeared the men had been riding towards the castle but had stopped when they noticed Brynweir’s group on the road behind them. She signaled a halt, but by then, she and her companions were at the furthest edge of bowshot range. For several minutes,… Continue

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Bryn's story prologue and chapter 1

I've been writing a bit myself and have been inspired by the Author to Author question and another post to submit some of my story here for criticism. If you have any comments that might be helpful, please feel free to let me have it. If you just have comments, well, I guess I can take that too.... :-P

Prologue and Chapter 1:

Brynweir and Tamlin walked slowly down the hall and stopped outside Marik’s room. The door was shut, and they could see that the privacy latch… Continue

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wooo wtg Yen Press

So I picked up the January issue of Yen Press, a Korean/Japanese manga anthology that comes out once a month. I've been picking them up since October and ever since an ad from Orbit for the Night Angel Trilogy is on the first page, full color, all three books.

It's kinda neat~

~kind of having a gloomy night so forgive me for not elaborating...

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Finals Week = Academic Hell Week

So, unfortunately, I haven't been able to get onto the computer, much less the forums, lately due to the fact that this week is finals week at my school. I don't think I will be able to get on much either this week, considering it is finals week and I will be cramming, erm, studying, quite vigorously. So wish me luck on my academic endeavors and see you guys on the otherside!

Just letting you all know what's going on and such. This is also the reason why I haven't been on NAFF quite… Continue

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~{ Book Two: Book Search }~

Today I went and dropped my sister off at one bookstore and left to go to another. I quickly find the section for which Shadow's Edge normally is so when I do finish the first book, I have the next waiting on my desk. Yet where the book should have been but was not there to my suprise, I started to freak out.

When I asked the clerk if they had any she had told me, "We have been out of THAT book for the last two weeks. Just the other day I had to break up a fight two people had for it. Try… Continue

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So now my sister wants me to sign up for Facebook because it is connected to our phones...Myspace is SO much easier but I have given in and am still confused. Is it even worth it?

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~{ Book One: Part One }~

After reading half way through The Way of Shadows, getting yelled at by teachers and my mother to "Put that book away and do something useful", I thought it would be good to check out Mr. Weeks on Google. I found this website and already love the content within it.

For a book that caught my eye just from the cover artwork (which I normally go against doing), this book is very good so far. The way it is told and how characters talk to one another is amazing.I had even found myself… Continue

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New review of The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie (I just finished rereading it!)

The Blade Itself

Well I joyfully reread The Blade Itself. My first impression was WOW and my second is WOW Abercrombie kicks arse. The story moved at a respectable pace allowing the characters to grow while the action kept somewhat in the background at times playing like a hidden bass line to one of my favorite songs that has a massive build up only to end when you just hear the beauty of the beat . I LOVE that the chapters have titles…I found… Continue

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The Duty of Being a Best Friend.

I have long called myself the best friend of Ms. Cena (username) and have gone to her house and parties many time. I've met her family ranging from sisters to uncles to cousins to many others and know most of them by name. She's come to my house and met my family (at least the ones that live here). We applied to the same high schools; yet ended up going to different ones and we still remained very close.

However, we've never had to be there for each other when it get's tough as it… Continue

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I finished the first book. OMG!!!

Don't worry about spoilers though...




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365 project

If I can get my pc and interent to work together I going to start my 365 project on my blog at and hope to actually follow thru. So now all I have to do is take one picture everyday and post it while giving a short reason why I picked that picture...though once a month I am required to take a picture of myself (grumbling here) and show the world---okay the 2.5 people who will check it out. But I do intend to use this other blog to leave reviews of books, movies (stay away… Continue

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Right so first post....

I'm currently on Page 335 of Ways of Shadows. It's all very exciting stuff.

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Author to Author

Hi Brent, i just wanted to ask if you had any tips on writting my first book, as i have currently started writting my own book, its called 'Haven'. I dont think you write alot of science fiction stories, but just wanted to know. By the way 'The way of shadows was great looking to buy the next one.


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Blog woes

So due to some unfortunate events I have to close my website blog and redo my website (again). I won't give you all of the details because I might get into trouble for it but a family member recently had her site hacked and so everyone has been nervous about my blog having personal stuff on it and whatnot so, I will be using my blogspot to post art and updates instead of just sketches like I had before.

So, check back in a few days to see the new site. It's hard trying to be personal… Continue

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