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February 2012 Blog Posts (4)

Dr3am Kill3rs

I've got more than this written and done, and a lot more planned.  So you guys just let me know if you want anymore of it.  

Marxis went to pull a candy bar from inside the cupboard, when he heard a noise from the room outside the kitchen.  At first he thought it was nothing, until he the reflection of a man on the other side of the wall with a quick look to the microwave.  He quickly, but quietly, moved to the stove and opened it up, revealing a metal briefcase.  He pulled it…


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To all the people I've offended in the past

So i relies that in the past i may have offended some people and now i can look back and relies what a douche-nozzle i was. So i guess what happened was i just took constructive criticism as people dissing me, and i know now that's not how it was so this is my apology to all the people I've cause beef with. I hope that i can sort of make amends with every one here cause this Forum is full of kick ass people and i guess I'm just reliesing that so ya. I hope that this is a start…


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Just my new story dont got a title yet(Still needs editing)

            I woke up abruptly from my relatively pleasant dream. By relatively pleasant I mean it wasn't a nightmare. Three cloaked figures stood above my bed pistols in hand, one reached down and pulled me by my hair, with unnatural strength he lifted me off my bed until I was eye level with the three unusually tall men. The man didn't see the bolts of lightning moving through my fingers, he also didn't see the gun under my pillow slide out and position itself next to his…


Added by Kagé on February 16, 2012 at 5:50pm — 1 Comment

Novel ideas - Need advice on how to improve

Main character-:

.Male protagonist                            .Smooth                           .Lives on street

.White hair                                     .Can't control his anger      .Only friend is a women noble

.Red eyes                                      .Starts the novel aged 16   .Owns an old rusty dagger 

.Plays his cards close to his chest. . Magical ability  .Never killed anyone

-His father was a Tru'kor, assassins who use magic as much as…


Added by Dan Langdon on February 15, 2012 at 2:30pm — 8 Comments

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